This incorporates my sources used to compile this Mackenzie Family History. I have broken the primary bibliography into topical areas to facilitate source identification and to avoid long lists. Historical and academic references are listed first and are followed by minor publications.  Much of my own difficulty has been in assembling material, since most of my efforts were made while outside Canada in Belgium.  My wider travels enabled me to gather material from a wider variety of sources than would otherwise have been possible in Canada.  I updated this research in America and have broken these references into historical areas.

To augment my own limited, family knowledge, I have sought contributions from relatives, which I have included as additional references. This was intended to help the reader follow the development of genealogical fact-finding.I have included two particularly helpful references to Canadian archival records. I have additionally added sources for my background research, which includes a number of visits.

Although I have tried to identify all major sources in endnotes to each file, or page, I have created a collection of internet website source addresses and pages used throughout this web site. This latter attempt is to ensure I have given proper credit to others, especially family and regimental web sites. In some cases I have found that some websites include as copyright data information from historical sources, otherwise freely available. I have not intentionally violated any copyrighted material.

I have further identified genealogical sources for each individual identified in the primary family database.

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