These data are almost certainly reliable and in any event stand upon accepted, genealogical relationships and thoroughly researched historical pedigrees. There may well prove to be some factual errors, but only of minor detail.

Dates, spelling, locations, and ancient female names sometimes become a judgmental matter and I have relied upon other’s research for most of the following. I have tried to edit out controversial claims. I have only included our family members here up to the end of the nineteenth century for sake of any legal implications.

The following are organised alphabetically by first names. Some of the names below are shown with their approximate titles in their native languages. The process by which these names are selected is haphazard and this list is not exclusive. A more controlled verification may be made via the genealogical 'relationship calculator'. The latter calculates the relationship between any two names in the database. The result is displayed in either a no relationship found statement, or a display of the specific names through which the relationship is found. There are several caveats for discovered relationships.

  • The calculator will only display the nearest relationship, although two individuals may be related in more than one way. (In my own case my mother and father have common antecedents and thus I have multiple possible relationships with common descendents.)
  • The relationships derived from our database are dependent on the names in the database. There is a limit to the number of names identified and therefore to the number of revealed relationships.
  • Errors are inevitable with large quantities of personal detail and despite historical scrutiny and my own best efforts I cannot always resolve mistakes in historical records.
  • Although unlikely, technical errors are possible, perhaps due to my own data input.

Pedigree Searches

I have not linked this set of names into the genealogical database as that would be tiresome. The interested reader may search and find all of these names in the database at this site. Some creative search-methodology may be required, since the database keys may not be exactly as shown here, given punctuation and possible spelling changes. The database is limited by volume and the number of alpha-numeric characters are limited. I have tried to provide a more accurate definition of names and titles below. In grammatical usage it is proper to use native accents, but these do not always survive in databases; similarly, there are different social conventions for numbering title-holders. Moreover, normally titles are prioritised by seniority after the name, but I have generally ignored that in favour of an historical or chronological sequences.

Comma Use

I have limited commas to separate only the name from any titles and then the birth year. I have been more able to isolate names by nationality and language and have restricted name-spelling to the owner's language. I have not given a comma to separate a suffix such as 'of place name'. I have decided that Beatrice of Winchester was a full name in itself and this follows through different languages.
Abellacos, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c90
Acha, Queen of Northumbria, b. c579
Adela, Comptesse de la Flandre, b. c917
Adelaide de Maurienne de Savoy, Reine de France, b. 1100
Adelaide de Warren, Princess of Scots and Countess of Huntingdon, b. c1122
Adelaide of Bellay, Princesse de la Bourgogne, b. c925
Adelaide de Poitou, Reine de France, b. 950
Adelbert von der Franc, b. 454
Adele Capet, Princesse de France, 1009
Adeliza of Normandy, Comptesse d'Aumale, b. 1029
Adminius, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c30
Aedh Find, King of Dalriada, b. c720
Aefgifu of Ossory, Queen of Scots, b. c958
Aelfgar, Ealdorman of Mercia, b. c1001
Aella, King of Deira, b. c549
Aesc, King of Kent, b. c460
Aethelfrith, King of Bernicia Deira and Northumbria, b. c578
Agnes Anne Lovat Fraser, Lady, b. c1445
Agnes Campbell, Lady, b. c1425
Aidan MacGabran of Argyll, King of Dalriada, b. c535
Aife ingen Gilla Patraic, Queen of Ui Cheinnselaig, b. c950
Ainel, King of the Picts, b. c400
Ainfrech, King of Bernicia and Northumbria, b. c596
Alain FitzFlaald, b. c1058
Alain of Dol, Dapifer of Dol, b. c1015
Alan de Galloway, Lord of Galloway, b. c1190
Alan FitzWalter, High Steward of Scots, b. c1170
Alchfrith, Sub-king of Deira, b. c630
Alcwyn Ap Tegid, Prince of Rheged, b. c550
Alesta Marr, Lady, b. c1175
Alexander Mackenzie of Coul, b. c1580
Alexander Mackenzie, 2nd Baronet of Coul MP, b. c1640
Alexander Mackenzie, 5th Baronet of Coul, b. c1706
Alexander Mackenzie, 6th Baronet of Coul and Major General, b. c1745
Alexander Mackenzie, 7th Baron of Kintail, b. c1398
Alexander Stewart of Bonkyl, b. c1271
Alexander Stewart, IV High Steward of Scots, b. c1220
Alexander, Lord Macdougall of Lorne, b. c1295
Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons and King of England, b. 848
Alianore de Baliol, Lady, b. c1220
Alice de Montgomerie, b. 1105
Aloc of the Angles, b. c423
Alpin of Kintyre, King of Scots, b. c780
Alys de Cortenay, Comptesse d'Angouleme, b. c1160
Amabilis FitzHenry, Lady, b. c1140
Amguerit, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c175
Amicia, Countess of Gloucester, b. c1170
Anarawd Ap Rhodri Mawr, King of Gwynedd, b. c835
Anchises, Bürgermeister von Austrasia, b. c600
Androcomius, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c60 BC
Angenwit of the Angles, b. c448
Angharad Verch Llewelyn, Queen of Powys and Deheubarth, b. c935
Angharad Verch Maredudd, Queen of Powys and Deheubarth, b. c975
Angharad Verch Meurig, Queen of South Wales, b. 815
Anna Galeria Faustina Major, Augusta Romae, b. 141
Anna Porphyrogenita, Princess of Byzantium, Empress of Europe, b. 898
Anna Yaroslavna, Princess of Kiev, b. 1024
Anna, King of East Anglia, b. c598
Anne Gilchrist, b. c1815
Anne Mackenzie, b. c1811
Antoninus Pius Augustus, Imperator Caesar Romae, b. 86 AD
Aoife McMurrough, Princess of Leinster Countess of Pembroke, b. c1150
Archibald McEacheran, b. c1810
Argotta, Prinzessin der Salic Francs, b. c376
Arlette (Hèrleve) Vertprè de Falaise, b. c1012
Arnoldus von Sachsen, b. 532
Arnulf, Saint Bishop von Metz, b. 582
Arnulf von Carinthia, König von Deutschland, b. c860
Arpad of Hungary, Prince of the Magyars, b. c840
Artaxerxes I Longimanus, Shah of Persia, b. c483 BC
Ausbert von Sachsen, b. 506
Avandreg Verch Anarawd, b. c885
Awelina, Madame de Pont-Audemer, b. c995
Aymer Taillefer, Comte d'Angouleme, b. c1160
Babhion ingen Urchada, Queen of Thomond, b. c905
Basilea de Clare, Lady, b. c1166
Basilie de Riddlesford, Lady, b. c1166
Basina, Königin der Franc und Königin von Thuringia, b. c450
Basina of Thuringia, Köningen von Westphalia, b. c400
Basin, König von Thuringia, b. c390
Baudoin III, Comte de la Flandre, b. c961
Baudoin IV, Comte de la Flandre, b. c980
Baudoin V, Comte de la Flandre, b. 1009
Bearnoch, Queen of Bernicia, b. c515
Beatrice de Vascoeuil, b. c1020
Beatrice de Vermandois, Reine de France, b. 880
Beatrix Angus, Lady, b. c1205
Be Bail ingen Cathail, Queen of Ireland, b. c744
Bebba, Queen of Bernicia, b. c560
Beli Ap Maelgwn, King of Gwynedd, b. c535
Beli I, King of Strathclyde, b.c578
Belinus, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c60
Bernhard, Re dell'Italia, b. c797
Bertha de la Hollande, Reine de France, b. c1080
Bertha di Toulouse, Regina dell'Italia, b. c780
Bertha, Queen of Kent Princesse de Paris, b. c571
Bertrada de Leon, Reine des Francs, b. c720
Bertrade de Montfort, Countess of Chester, b. c1154
Bethoc Beatrix, Heiress of Scone, b. c988
Billung I, Graf von Sachsen, b. 806
Bjorn Ericsson, King of Sweden, b. c900
Bleddyn Ap Cynfyn, King of Gwynedd and Powys, b. c1025
Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, b. c44
Bran Mutt macConaill O'Dunlainge, King of Leinster, b. c660
Brian Boruma macCennetig, King of Ireland, b. c930
Brochfael ap Elisedd, King of Powys, b. c720
Cacht ingen Loigsig O'Morda, Queen of the Ui Muiredaig, b. c1105
Cadell Ap Brochfael, King of Powys, b. c740
Cadell Ap Einion, King of Deheubarth, b. c967
Cadell Ap Rhodri Mawr King of Seisyllwg, b. c836
Cadfan Ap Iago, King of Gwynedd, b. c570
Cadwaladr Ap Cadwallon, King of Gwynedd, b. c625
Cadwallon Ap Cadfan, King of Gwynedd, b. c600
Cadwallon Lawhir Ap Einion Yrth, King of Gwynedd, b. c475
Caradog Ap Gwyn Ap Collwyn, Prince of Arwystli, b. c1020
Caratacus, King of the Silures, b. c10
Caribert I, Roi de Paris, b. c541
Carloman, König von Bayern, b. c828
Carloman, Bürgermeister von Austrasia, b. c550
Cartimandua, Queen of the Brigantes, b. c30 BC
Cassivelaunus, King of the Britons, b. c85 BC
Catherine Ramsay of Cambo, b. c1752
Ceawlin, King of Wessex, b. c500
Ceionius, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c230
Cellach macCinaeda, King of the Ui Cheinnselaig, b. c900
Ceneu Ap Coel Hen, Saint Prince of Rheged, b. c404
Cennetig macLorcain, King of Thomond, b. c900
Cenred, King of Wessex, b. c640
Ceolwald, Prince of Wessex, b. c575
Cerdic, King of Wessex, b. c465
Charlemagne, Saint Roi des Francs Roi des Allemands Empereur Romain, b. 742
Charles Martel, Duc des Francs Major Domus, b. 676
Childeric I, Roi des Francs, b. c440
Chilperich, Roi des Bourgognes, b. c441
Chotrud, Duchesse des Francs, b. c680
Christina Bruce, Countess of Mar, b. c1282
Christine Munro of Assynt, b. c1600
Cixillo, Queen of the Visigoths, b. c650
Clodius, Konig von Westphalia, b. c395
Clodius von der Franc, b. c370
Clovis I, Roi des Francs, b. 463
Coel Hen, King of Northern Britain, b. c 370
Colin Cam MacKenzie, XI Baron of Kintail, b. 1550
Colin Campbell, Earl of Argyll, b. c1406
Colin Mackenzie, 4th Baronet of Coul, b. 1674
Conall macFaelan O'Dunlainge, King of Leinster, b. c640
Conan I, Duc de Bretagne Comte de Rennes, b. 927
Conan, Duc de Bretagne, b. c955
Constance, Reine de France, Comptesse d' Arles et Toulouse, b. c973
Imperator Romae Gaïus Flavius Valerius Constantius, Magnus, b. 272
Constantine II, Emperor of Rome, b. 314
Constantine II of Alba, King of Scots, b. c832
Constantius Chlorus, Emperor of Rome, b. c250
Cosimo di Gherardini il grande, Duca di Firenze, b. 970
Crinan Grimus, Mormaer of Atholl, b. c975
Cunedda Wledig Ap Eternus, King of Gwynedd, b. c 420
Cunobelinus, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c25 BC
Cuthwine, Prince of Wessex, b. c525
Cuthwulf, Prince of Wessex, b. c550
Cynan Ap Iago, King of Gwynedd, b. c1020
Cynan Tindaethwy Ap Rhodri, King of Gwynedd, b. c725
Cynfyn Ap Gwerstan, King of Powys, b. c980
Cynric, King of Wessex, b. c480
Darius I the Great, Shah of Persia, b. 550 BC
David de Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl, b. c1240
David de Strathbogie, II Earl of Atholl, b. c1290
David Huntingdon, Earl of Huntingdon, b. c1144
David I, King of Scots, b. c1080
David Stewart, b. c1200
Dearbforgail ingen Donnchada O'Brien, Queen of Ireland, b. c1010
Devorguilla de Galloway, Lady, b. c1214
Diarmait macDomnaill, King of Ui Cheinnselaig, b. c950
Diarmait MacMail na mBo, King of Ireland, b. c975
Diarmait MacMurchada, King of Leinster, b. 1110
Diarmait macRuaidri, King of Airthir Liphi, b. c753
Docilis, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c200
Doda, Saint Begga, b. c610
Dode d'Heristal, b. 586
Domangart I MacFergusso, King of Dalriada, b. c457
Domangart II MacDomnaill, King of Dalriada, b. c620
Domhnall Brecc of Argyll, King of Dalriada, b. c590
Domnall macCellaig, King of Cheinnselaig, b. c920
Donald II of Alba, King of Scots, b. c870
Donald MacLeod, Sheriff of Genies, b. c1755
Donald Mar, VI Earl of Mar, b. c1225
Donald Mar, IX Earl of Mar, b. c1300
Donnchad Midi MacDomnaill, King of Ireland, b. c741
Donnchadh MacDougal, Lord de Ergadia 2nd Baron of Dunollie, b. c1187
Donnchad macMurchada, King of Leinster, b. c1080
Donnchad Mael na mBo, King of the Ui Cheinnselaig, b. c940
Donnchad O'Brien, King of Munster, b. c965
Donncuan MacDunlaing O'Toole, King of Leinster, b. c950
Dugal de Ergeda, Lord of Lorne Lord of The Isles 1st Baron of Dunollie, b. c1148
Duncan I, King of Scots, b. c1001
Dunlaing O'Muiredaig, King of Leinster, b. c941
Eadbald, King of Kent, b. c589
Eadgifu, Queen of England, b. c885
Eafa, Prince of Wessex, b. c725
Ealdgyth of Mercia, Queen of England, b. c1032
Ealdgyth, Queen of England, b. c995
Ealdred of Bernica, Lord of Bamburgh, b. c1001
Ealhmund, Under-King of Kent, b. c750
Ealred Siward, Earl of Northumberland, b. c1020
Eanfrith, King of Bernicia, b. c591
Echrad ingen Carlusa, Princess in Ireland, b. c925
Edgar, King of England, b. 944
Edhilda, Princess of Wessex, b. c895
Edith, Queen of England, b. c1025
Edmund I, King of England, b. 921
Edmund II, King of England, b. 989
Edward The Atheling, Prince of England, b. c1016
Edward, King of Wessex, b. 869
Edward, Saint King of England, b. c1004
Edwin Ap Einion, King of Deheubarth, b. c972
Edwin Ap Howel, King of Wales, b. c934
Efflaeda of Bernicia, Countess of Northumberland, b. c1025
Egbert I, King of Kent, b. c652
Egbert II, King of Kent, b. c755
Egbert III, King of Wessex, b. c778
Einion Ap Owain, King of Deheubarth, b. c949
Einion Yrth Ap Cunedda Wledig, King of Gwynedd, b. c425
Eleanor de Baliol, Lady, b. c1230
Eleanor FitzGerald, Queen of Ulster, b. c1451
Eleanor Morris, Lady Geashill, b. c1220
Elen Verch Llywarch, Queen of Wales, b. c893
Elesa, King of Saxony, b. c450
Elfrida, Queen of England, b. c945
Elidir Ap Sandde, Prince of Rheged, b. c705
Elinor Verch Gwerystan, Queen of Deheubarth, b. c980
Eliud, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c145
Elise Ap Anarawd, b. c882
Elisedd ap Gwylog, King of Powys, b. c695
Elizabeth Brock, b. c1825
Elizabeth de Courtenay, b. c1130
Elizabeth Grant, Lady of Freuchie, b. c1490
Elizabeth Jane Wilson, b. 1844
Elizabeth Stewart of Athol, Lady, b. c1525
Elizabeth? Laird, b. c1795
Ellenor, Queen of Deheubarth, b. c950
Elphide, Herzogin der Austrasia, b. c656
Emma de la Normandie, Queen of England, b. c978
Emma, Queen of Kent Prinzessin von Austrasia, b. c600
Emund, King of Birka, b. c800
Eni, King of East Anglia, b. c575
Eochaid Muinremar MacAengusa, King of the Dal Riata, b. c375
Eochaidh Buidhe MacAidan, King of Dalriada, b. c578
Eochaid II of Argyll, King of Dalriada, b. c640
Eochaid Ill, King of Dalriada, b. c670
Eoppa Esasson of the Angles, King of Bernicia, b. c487
Eoppa, Prince of Wessex, b. c700
Eorcenbert, King of Kent, b. c619
Erc MacEochaid, King of the Dal Riata, b. c402
Eric Emundsson, King of Sweden and Goten, b. c849
Eric VI Bjornsson, King of Sweden, b. c940
Ermengarde d'Anjou, Comptesse de la Rennes, b.c953
Eschina de Londoniis, b. c1125
Essylt Verch Culynedd, Queen of Rheged, b. c440
Eternus Ap Paternus, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c300
Ethelbert I, King of Kent, b. c555
Ethelfrith, King of Bernicia, b. c560
Ethelred II, King of England, b. 968
Ethelric, King of Bernicia and Northumbria, b. c536
Ethelwulf, King of England, b. c795
Ethyllt of Gwynedd, Queen of Gwynedd, b. c750
Eudelin, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c121
Eudes I, Comte de Chartres Meaux et Blois, b. c949
Eve de Bermingham of Offaly, Lady, b. c1171
Ewen MacDougall, 3rd Baron of Dunollie and Lorne, b. c1275
Faelan macColmain O'Dunlainge, King of Leinster, b. c610
Faelan macMurchada O'Dunlainge, King of Leinster, b. c706
Fausta Herculius, Empress of Rome, b. c280
Fergus Mor MacErc, King of Dalriada, b. c431
Flaald of Dol, b. c1042
Francis Wilson, b. c1789
Francus, König der Franc, b. c61 BC
Fynvola Macleod of Harris, b. c1365
Fynvola Macleod of Lewis, b. c1310
Gabran MacDomangairt, King of Dalriada, b. c479
Garnait Mar, VIII Earl of Mar, b. c1274
George Gilchrist Mackenzie, b. 1871
George McKenzie of Coul, b. 1807
George Steuart Mackenzie, 7th Baronet of Coul, b. 1780
Gerald de Prendergast, Knight, b. c1165
Gerald FitzGerald FitzThomas, 1st Baron of Kintail, b. c1215
Gerald FitzMaurice, 1st Baron of Offaly, b. c1152
Gerald FitzWalter, Constable of Pembroke, b. c1090
Gerald de la Normandie, b. c1030
Geza, King of Hungary, b. c950
Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, b. 1182
Gilbert FitzGilbert de Clare, Earl of Pembroke, b. c1100
Gilla Patraic, Prince of Ireland b. c915
Gladys Verch Rhiwallon, Princess of North Wales, b. 1071
Gormflaeth ingen Murchada MacFinn, Queen of Ireland, c940
Gormlaith ingen Donnchada, Queen of Ireland, b. c793
Gratus, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c265
Gruffydd Ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd, b. c1055
Gruffydd Ap Llywelyn, King of Wales, b. c997
Guillaume de Warenne, Comte de Warenne I Earl of Surrey Justiciar of England, b. c1036
Guillaume Longsword, Duc de la Normandie, b. c889
Gunhilda of Poland, Queen of England, b. c970
Gunnor de Crepon, Duchesse de Normandie, b. 963
Gwallwen Verch Afallach, b. c475
Gwawl, Queen of Gwynedd, Princess of Northern Britain, b. c 421
Gwenlian, Queen of Deheubarth, b. c973
Gwerystan ap Gwaethvoed, b. c955
Gwair Ap Dwywg, Prince of Rheged, b. c440
Gwladis Verch Rhiwallon, Princess of Powys, b. c1050
Gwladys Verch Llywarch, Queen of Gwynedd, b. c1095
Gwylog ap Beli, b. c660
Gwriad Ap Elidir, King of Man and Gwynedd, b. c735
Gwrst Ap Ceneu, King of Rheged, b. c422
Gwyn Ap Rhyterch, Lord of Anglesey, b. c940
Haer Verch Cillin Ap y Blaidd Rhudd, Queen of Gwynedd and Powys, b. 1030
Harold Godwinsson, King of England, b. c1022
Hatilde der Franc, Köningen der Köln, b. c351
Hawise Beaumont, Countess of Gloucester, b. c1135
Heinreich I, Heiliger Römischer Kaiser König von Deutschland, b. c876
Helen Elsie Moore, b. 1873
Helen Verch Llywellyn Fawr, Countess of Mar Princess of Powys, b. c1200
Heli Mawr, King of the Britons, b, c110 BC
Hengest, König von Kent, b. c440
Henri I Capet, Roi de France, b. April, 1008
Henrietta Brown, b. c1685
Henry FitzHenry, Lord of Norberg-Pebidiog, b. 1104
Henry Huntingdon, Prince of Scots, b. c1115
Henry I, (Beauclerc) King of England, b. 1068
Henry Philip Moore, b. 1838
Henry, 1 Herzog von Bayern, b. 918
Heribert, Comte de Laon, b. c695
Hildegarde of Vinzgau, Reine des Francs, b. 758
Hubert, I Comte de Senlis, b. c850
Hugh Capet, Duc de Neustria Comte de Paris, b. c895
Hugh Capet, Roi de France Comte de Paris, b. 941
Hugh de Keveliock, VI Earl of Chester, b. 1147
Hugh Fraser, Lord Lovat, b. c1420
Hugues Brun de Lusignan, X Comte de la Marche, b. c1190
Hunydd Verch Eunydd, Princess of Powys, b. c1055
Hywel Dda Ap Cadel, King of Wales, b. c890
Iago Ap Beli, King of Gwynedd, b. c550
Ida Eoppasson, King of Bernicia and Northumberland, b. c512
Idwal Ap Meurig, King of Gwynedd, b.c915
Idwal Foel Ap Anarawd, King of Gwynedd, b. c885
Idwal Iwrch Ap Cadwaladr, King of Gwynedd, b. c640
Ildegonde der Franc von Köln, b. c399
Ingenach, Queen of Ireland, b. c481
Ingen Beli, Princess of Strathclyde, b. c597
Ingild of Wessex, b. c675
Ingoberg, Queen of Paris, b. c543
Ingui of the Angles, b. c466
Iorwerth Drwyndwn Ap Owain, Prince of Gwynedd, b. c1115
Isabel de Clare, Countess of Strigoil, b. 1171
Isabel de Clare, Lady, b. 1226
Isabel Macaulay of Lochbroom, b. c1330
Isabella Chilham, b. c1245
Isabella Marshal, Countess of Gloucester Regina del Romani, b. 1200
Isabella Stewart, Countess of Mar, b. c1305
Isabella Taillefer d'Angouleme, Queen of England, b. 1185
Isobella la Scot, b. 1196
Itta, Princesse des Francs, b. c595
Iumetel, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c240
James Wilson, b. c1818
Jane Hardy, b. c1798
Janet MacDonald of Sleat, b. c1710
Jean Chisholm of Comar, b. c1622
Jean Gordon of Gordonstoun, b. 1636
Jean Macrory, b. c1222
Joan de Munchensy, Countess of Pembroke, b. c1210
Joane Comyn, Countess of Athol, b. c1306
Joane Comyn, Lady of Badenoch, b. c1295
Joan ingen Neill, Queen of Airthir Liphi, b. c824
Joanna de Valence, Lady of Pembroke, b. c1260
John Balliol, Lord of Galloway, b. c1210
John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, b. c1243
John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch Justiciar of Scots, b. c1199
John de Cogan, Knight, b. 1243
John de Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl, b. c1265
John Grant, Lord of Grant, b. c1460
John Mackenzie, 9th Baron of Kintail, b. 1481
John Stewart of Bonkyl, b. c1245
Judicael Berenguer, Comte de la Rennes, b. c899
Judith of Brittany, Duchesse de la Normandie, b. c982
Judith of Normandy, Countess of Huntingdon, b. c1050
Juliane de Cogan, Lady, b. c1195
Kenneth FitzGerald, 2nd Baron of Kintail, b. c1265
Kenneth George McKenzie, b. 1837
Kenneth I MacAlpin, King of Scots, b. c810
Kenneth Ian Mackenzie, 3rd Baron of Kintail, b. c1280
Kenneth II, King of Scots, b. c935
Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Baronet of Coul, b. c1620
Kenneth Mackenzie, 4th Baron of Kintail, b. c1305
Kenneth Mackenzie, 8th Baron of Kintail, Knight, b. c1440
Kenneth Mackenzie, 10th Baron of Kintail, b. c1523
Kunigunda, Queen of Italy, b. c796
Lambert II de Boulogne, Comte de la Lens, b. c1020
Litwinde, Königin von Bayern, b. c835
Llywarch Ap Trehearn, Lord of Pembroke, b. c1078
Llywellyn Fawr ap Iorwerth, King of Aberffraw Gwynedd and Powys, b. 1173
Llywelyn Ap Merfyn, King of Powys, b. c880
Llywelyn ap Seisyllt, King Deheubarth and Gwynedd, b. c980
Lorcan macLachtnae, b. c875
Louis VI Capet, Roi de France, b. c1081
Louisa Gordon, b. c1615
Luitpold, Margrave von Ost Mark, b. c923
Madog Ap Maredudd, Prince of Powys, b. c1070
Maelgwn Gwynedd Ap Cadwallon, King of Gwynedd, b. c500
Malcolm I of Alba, King of Scots, b. c895
Malcolm II of Alba, King of Scots, b. c954
Malcolm III Caennmore, King of Scots, b. c1031
Malcolm Macleod of Harris, Knight, b. c1335
Marared Verch Madog, b. c1140
Marcomir I, Herzog von Ost Francs Konig der Köln, b. c350
Marcomir I, König der Cimmerians, b. c461 BC
Marcus Antonius, Imperator, Triumvir, Consul Romae, b. 83 BC
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, Imperator et Caesar Romae, b. 121
Maredudd Ap Bleddyn, Prince of Powys, b. c1050
Maredudd Ap Owain, King of Dheubarth and Gwynedd, b. c950
Margaret Atheling, Saint Queen of Scots, b. 1046
Margaret Bonkyl, b. c1250
Margaret de Strathbogie, Lady, b. c1285
Margaret Huntingdon, Lady, b. c1193
Margaret Mar, Countess of Atholl, b. c1270
Margaret Mar, Countess of Mar, b. c1332
Margaret McEachern, b. 1846
Margaret Stewart, Lady, b. c1235
Marie McKenzie of Davochmaluak, Lady, b. c1553
Marie Prendergast, b. c1155
Marjory Carrick, Countess of Carrick, b. c1260
Marriot Stewart, b. c1410
Mary MacLeod of Geanies, b. c1785
Mathgamain macCennetig, King of Munster, b. c926
Mathilde de Boulogne, b. c510
Matilda de Keveliock of Chester, Countess of Huntingdon, b. 1171
Matilda of Northumberland, Queen of Scots, b. c1071
Matilda von Ringelheim, Heiliger Kaiserin von Deutschland, b. 892
Matilda, Queen of England, Comptesse de la Flandere, b. 1031
Matilda, Queen of Gwynedd, b. c730
Maude Walter, b. c1170
Maurice FitzGerald, (the Invader) Baron Lanstephan and Baron of Offaly, b. 1100
Maurice FitzGerald, 2nd Baron of Offaly Knight Justiciar of Ireland, b. c1190
Maximian, Roman Emperor, b. c240
Meddyf, Queen of Gwynedd, b. c475
Mefvyn Frych, King of Gwynedd, b. c785
Meirchion Gul Ap Gwrst, King of Rheged, b. c438
Menia, Königen von Thuringia, b. c395
Meurig Ap Dyfnwallon, King of Seisyllwg, b. c775
Misi, Queen of the Dal Riata, b. c404
Mor ingen Muirchertaig O'Toole, Queen of Leinster, b. c1125
Morba Macdougall of Lorne, Lady, b. c1260
Morgund, Earl of Marr, b. c1150
Mouirchertach O'Toole, King Ui Muiredaig, b. c1100
Muirecan macDiarmait, King of Laigin, b. c778
Murchad macBran Mutt O'Dunlainge, King of Leinster, b. c682
Murchad macDiarmata mB, King of Leinster, b. c1030
Murdoch Macauley of Lochbroom, b. c1305
Murdoch Mackenzie, 5th Baron of Kintail, b. c1332
Murdoch Mackenzie, 6th Baron of Kintail, b. c1360
Nechtan II, King of the Picts, b. c557
Nest Verch Cadell, Princess of Powys, b. c790
Nest Verch Gruffydd, Queen of Gwynedd, b. c1057
Nesta Verch Tewdwr Mawr, Princess of Deheubarth, b. 1073
Niall Ruadh O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1176
Octa, King of Kent, b. c501
Oda von Savoy, Saint, b. 534
Ogive de Luxembourg, Comptesse de la Luxembourg, b. c985
Olaf Cuaran Sihtricsson, King of Dublin and York, b. c879
Olaf I, King of Man and the Isles, b. c1081
Olaf Skotkonung, King of Sweden, b. c990
Olaf, King of Dublin, b. c981
Orlaith ingen O'Braenain, Queen of Leinster, b. c1092
Osbern FitzRichard, Lord of Byton, b. c1052
Osburga, Queen of England, b. c811
Oslac, Earl of Hampshire, b. c775
Osric, Sub-king of Deira, b. c655
Other FitzOthoer, Baron of Windsor, b. c1022
Otterus Gherardo di Gherardini, Signore della Toscana, b. c998
Oudecant, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c195
Outigirn, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c170
Owain Ap Edwin Ap Einion, Lord of Tegaingl, b. c1001
Owain Ap Hywel Dda, King of Deheubarth, b. c930
Owain Gwynedd Ap Gruffydd, King of Gwynedd, b. 1096
Papie de Valois, Duchesse de la Normandie, b. c860
Paternus Ap Tacitus, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c275
Pepin I d'Austrasia, Maire du Palais, b. c585
Pepin I, Re dell'Italia, b. April, 773
Pepin II d'Heristal, Herzog der Austrasia, b. c650
Pepin II, Seigneur Comte de la Peronne, b. 817
Pepin III, Roi des Francs, b. 715
Pharamond, König von Westphalia, b. c370
Philip I Capet, Roi de France, b. 1050
Pierre I de Courtenay, Prince de France, b. 1126
Popa de Bayeux, Duchesse de la Normandie, b. c880
Prawst, Queen of Gwynedd, b. c 430
Prawst Verch Elisedd, c900
Pybba King of Mercia, b. c559
Ragnhild Hrolfsdottir, Countess of More, b. c820
Ragnhilda Olafsdottir, Princess of Man and Queen of The South Iles, b. c1117
Ragnhildr, Princess of Dublin, b. c1015
Redburga, Queen of Wessex, b. c780
Reingar, Queen of Seisyllwg, b. c865
Rhiwallon Ap Cynfyn, King of Powys, b. c1027
Rhodri Ap Owain, Prince of Gwynedd, b. c1137
Rhodri Mawr, King of Wales, b. 820
Rhodri Molwynog Ap Idwal, King of Gwynedd, b. c689
Rhys Ap Tewdwr Mawr, King of Deheubarth, b. 1030
Richard de Clare, II Earl of Pembroke, b. 1130
Richard de Cogan, b. c1141
Richard I, Duc de la Normandie, b. c933
Richard II, Duc de la Normandie, b. c972
Ritigern, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c222
Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick, b. 1242
Robert de Brus, Lord of Annandale, b. c1191
Robert de Brus, Lord of Annandale, b. c1212
Robert Gordon, Baronet of Gordonstoun, b. c1599
Robert II Capet, Roi de France, b. 972
Robert II, Duc de la Normandie, b. 999
Robert Moor, b. c1750
Robert, Archevêque de Rouen, b. 989
Roderick Macleod of Lewis, Knight, b. c1285
Rognvald I Eysteinsson, Jarl of More, b. c800
Rolf (Rollo) Ragnvaldsson, Duc de la Normandie, b. 854
Rozela, Comptesse de la Flandre, b. c965
Sabd ingen MacBricc, Queen of Leinster, b. c1051
Sanan, b. c672
Sandde Ap Alcwyn, Prince of Rheged, b. c630
Sedanus, Prinzessin und Köningen der Sicambri, b. c276 BC
Sexburga, Queen of Kent and Princess of East Anglia, b. c632
Sigrid Skogulsdottir, Queen of Sweden, b. c970
Sihtric Silkbeard Olafsson, King of Dublin, b. c954
Somerled MacGillebride, Lord of The Isles and VIII Thane of Argyll and King of The South Isles, b. c1113
Spondana ingen Enfidaig, Princess of the Picts, b. c617
Sprota Adela of Senlis, Duchesse de la Normandie, b. c900
Stradwawl, Queen of Northern Britain, b. c380
Susanna Verch Gruffydd, Princess of Powys, b. c1118
Sybil of Northumbria, Queen of Scots, b. c1003
Tacitus, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c250
Taksony of Hungary, Prince of the Magyars, b. 931
Tangwystyl Goch, Queen of Aberffraw and Gwynedd and Powys, b. c1175
Tehvant, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c315
Tewdwr Mawr Ap Cadell, King of Deheubarth, b. c997
Thandreg Ddu Verch Cynan Garwyn, Queen of Gwynedd, b. c575
Thomas de Londoniis, b. c1099
Thomas FitzGerald, Baron Geashill, b. c1194
Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Pontifex Maximus Imperator Romae
Trehearn Ap Caradog, King of Gwynedd, b. c1050
Trehearn Ap Caradog, King of Powys and Gwynedd, b. c1050
Tualath ingen Cathaill, Queen of Leinster, b. c707
Tuathal O'Muiredaig, King of Leinster, b. c900
Uchtred, Earl of Northumbria, b. c980
Urbanus, King of the Catuvellauni, b. c290
Urchad macMurchada, King of West Connacht, b. c880
Usermaatre Setepenre Ramesses II the Great, Pharaoh of Egypt, b. 1302 BC
Vladimir, Saint Grand Prince of Kiev, b. 961
Volisios, King of the Brigantes, b. c75BC
Walpert, Graf von Ringelheim, b. c778
Walter de Riddlesford, Lord Moulenford, b.c1135
Walter FitzAlan, High Steward of Scots, b. c1202
Walter FitzAlan, I Steward of Scots, b. c1120
Walter FitzAlan, Lord High Steward of Scots, b. c1202
Walter FitzOther, Constable of Windsor, b. c1037
Waltheof of Huntingdon, I Earl of Huntingdon, b. c1045
Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland, b. c952
Wambert, b. 483
Wihtred, King of Kent, b. c671
William de Valence, Earl of Pembroke, b. c1227
William FitzRobert, Earl of Gloucester, b. c23 November 1135
William Longsword, Duc de la Normandie, b. c892
William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, b. 1146
William Robert Moor, b. c1783
William The Conqueror, King of England et Duc de la Normandie, b. 1028
Witica of Galicia, König der Visigoths, b. c670
Wittekind, König der Sachsen, b. c728
Yffi of Deira of the Angles, b. c527
Zoltan of Hungary, Prince of the Magyars, b. c896

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