These data are almost certainly reliable and in any event stand upon accepted, genealogical relationships and thoroughly researched historical pedigrees. There may well prove to be some factual errors, but only of minor detail.

Dates, spelling, locations, and ancient female names sometimes become a judgmental matter and I have relied upon other’s research for most of the following. I have tried to edit out controversial claims. I have only included our family members here up to the end of the nineteenth century for sake of any legal implications.

The following are organised alphabetically by first names. Some of the names below are shown with their approximate titles in their native languages. The process by which these names are selected is haphazard and this list is not exclusive. A more controlled verification may be made via the genealogical 'relationship calculator'. The latter calculates the relationship between any two names in the database. The result is displayed in either a no relationship found statement, or a display of the specific names through which the relationship is found. There are several caveats for discovered relationships.

  • The calculator will only display the nearest relationship, although two individuals may be related in more than one way. (In my own case my mother and father have common antecedents and thus I have multiple possible relationships with common descendents.)
  • The relationships derived from our database are dependent on the names in the database. There is a limit to the number of names identified and therefore to the number of revealed relationships.
  • Errors are inevitable with large quantities of personal detail and despite historical scrutiny and my own best efforts I cannot always resolve mistakes in historical records.
  • Although unlikely, technical errors are possible, perhaps due to my own data input.

Pedigree Searches

I have not linked this set of names into the genealogical database as that would be tiresome. The interested reader may search and find all of these names in the database at this site. Some creative search-methodology may be required, since the database keys may not be exactly as shown here, given punctuation and possible spelling changes. The database is limited by volume and the number of alpha-numeric characters are limited. I have tried to provide a more accurate definition of names and titles below. In grammatical usage it is proper to use native accents, but these do not always survive in databases; similarly, there are different social conventions for numbering title-holders. Moreover, normally titles are prioritised by seniority after the name, but I have generally ignored that in favour of an historical or chronological sequences.

Comma Use

I have limited commas to separate only the name from any titles and then the birth year. I have been more able to isolate names by nationality and language and have restricted name-spelling to the owner's language. I have not given a comma to separate a suffix such as 'of placename'. I have decided that Beatrice of Winchester was a full name in itself and this follows through different languages.
Acha, Queen of Northumbria, b. c579
Aed Athlamhan O'Naill, King of Ailech, b. c991
Aed Findliath MacNeill, King Ireland and Ailech, b. c829
Aedh Baemhar O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1270
Aedh Find, King of Dalriada, b. c720
Aedh Macaemh O'Neill, King of Cenel Eoghain, b. c1155
Aedh Oirdnidhe O'Neill, King of Ireland, c741
Aefgifu of Ossory, Queen of Scots, b. c958
Aella, King of Deira, b. c549
Aethelfrith, King of Bernicia and Deira and also Northumbria, b. c578
Aidan MacGabran of Argyll, King of Dalriada, b. c535
Ailbine ingen Ailella, Queen of Ireland, b. c706
Ainfrech, King of Bernicia and Northumbria, b. c596
Aithiochta, Queen of Ireland, b. c794
Alice Bolton of Moulton, b. c1639
Aloc of the Angles, b. c423
Alpin of Kintyre, King of Scots, b. c780
Angenwit of the Angles, b. c448
Ann Johnson, b. 1740
Anne Fitzsimmons of Tallynally, b. c1655
Anne Warren, b. c1683
Anthony Boulton, b. c1639
Aodh Uaridhrachl, King of Ireland, b. c546
Art O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1470
Augusta Maria Geale, b. 1815
Augusta White, b. 1797
Bearnoch, Queen of Bernicia, b. c515
Be Bail ingen Cathail, Queen of Ireland, b. c744
Bebba, Queen of Bernicia, b. c562
Beli I, King of Strathclyde, b.c578
Benjamin Geale, b. c1780
Bethoc Beatrix, Heiress of Scone, b. c988
Brian Cathan an Duin O'Neill, King of Ireland and Ulster, b. c1199
Brig ingen Eircc, Queen of Ireland, b. c524
Cacht ingen Cellaich, b. c641
Cathal Crobderg O'Connor, King of Connaught, b. c1136
Catherine Aylmer, Lady of Balrath, b. 1659
Catherine Claus, b. c1787
Catherine Jordan, b. c1760
Catherine Weisenberg, b. c1722
Charlotte Adlem, b. 1774
Christian Daniel Claus, Colonel, b.1717
Christopher Aylmer, 1st Baronet Aylmer of Balrath, b. c1620
Colin Campbell, KCB Field Marshall 1st Baron Clyde, b. 1792
Conchobar O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1089
Constantine II of Alba, King of Scots, b. c832
Crobhdeary O'Connor, Queen of Ulster, b. c1176
D'Arcy Preston, b. 1678
Domangart II MacDomnaill, King of Dalriada, b. c620
Domhnall Brecc of Argyll, King of Dalriada, b. c590
Domhnall Ilchealgach O'Naill, King of Ireland, b. c523
Domnall an tOgdhamh O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1015
Domnall Midi MacMurchad, King of Mide and Ireland, b. c703
Domnall O'Naill, King of Ireland, b. c922
Domnall O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1245
Donald II of Alba, King of Scots, b. c870
Donnchad Midi MacDomnaill, King of Ireland, b. c741
Donnchadh MacDougal, Lord de Ergadia, 2nd Baron of Dunollie, b. c1187
Dubhcola MacDermott, Queen of Connaught, b. c1093
Dugal de Ergeda, Lord of Lorne and Lord of The Isles also 1st Baron of Dunollie, b. c1148
Duinseach ingen Duach, Queen of Ireland, b. c501
Dunflaith ingen Flaithbertaich, Queen of Ireland, b. c721
Earca ingen Loairn, Princess of Dalriada, b. c462
Egidia MacDugall, Queen of Ireland and Ulster, b. c1210
Elizabeth Boulton, b. c1641
Elizabeth Bryan, b. c1605
Elizabeth Forster, b. 1748
Emma Georgina Draper, b. 1840
Eochaidh Buidhe MacAidan, King of Dalriada, b. c578
Eochaid II of Argyll, King of Dalriada, b. c640
Eochaid Ill, King of Dalriada, b. c670
Eochaid IV Argyll, King of Dalriada, b. c739
Eochaid Muinremar MacAengusa, King of Dalriada, b. c375
Eoppa Esasson of the Angles, King of Bernicia, b. c487
Erc MacEochaid, King of the Dal Riata, b. c402
Ethelfrith, King of Bernicia, b. c561
Ethelric, King of Bernicia and Northumbria, b. c536
Feidhlimidh Ruadh O'Neill, Lord of the Fews, b. c1500
Fergal O'Neill MacMaelduin, King of Ireland, b. c691
Fergus Mor MacErc, King of Dalriada, b. c431
Fergusa, Princess Royal of the Picts, b. c741
Flaithbertach macMuirchertaig O'Naill, Prince of Ulster, b. c965
Flaithbertach O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1040
Flaithbertach O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1064
Frances Fay of Derrinaganale, b. c1630
Frederick Campbell Melfort Boulton, b.1850
Gabran MacDomangairt, King of Dalriada, b. c479
George Boulton, b. c1638
Gormlaith ingen Cuilennan, Lady, b. c899
Gormlaith ingen Donnchada, Queen of Ireland, b. c793
Gormflaeth ingen Murchada MacFinn, Queen of Ireland, b. c941
Guy Johnson, Colonel, Superintendent General and Inspector General of the Northern Indian Department, b. c1740
Henry Boulton, Esquire of Stixwold, b. 1595
Ida Eoppasson, King of Bernicia and Northumberland, b. c512
Ingenach, Queen of Ireland, b. c481
Ingen Beli, Princess of Strathclyde, b. c597
Ingen, Princess of Leinster, b. c937
Ingui of the Angles, b. c466
Isabel de Clare, Countess Strigoil, b. 1171
James Boulton, b. 1801
Joan ingen Neill, Queen of the Airthir Liphi, b. c824
John Adlem, Captain Royal Navy, b. c1751
John Stephan Willison, Knight of the Bath LLD, b. 1856
Kenneth I MacAlpin, King of Scots, b. c810
Land verch Echach, Queen of Ireland, b. c873
Loarn MacErc, King of Dalriada, b. c442
Maedhbh ingen Indrechtaich, Queen of Ireland, b. c746
Mael Duin MacMael Fithrich, b. c632
Mael Frithrich MacAeda O'Neill, Prince of Ireland, b. c577
Maelmare MacAlpin, Princess of Scots, b. c834
Magach, Princess of Mumhan, b. c968
Major Fortye, b. c1785
Malcolm I of Alba, King of Scots, b. c895
Margaret Nielina Fortye, b. c1810
Margaret Plunkett, Lady Aylmer, b. c1623
Mary O'Reilly, b. c1580
Mary Preston, b. c1730
Matthew Plunkett, 5th Baron Louth, b. c1600
Michael Warren, Captain Royal Navy, b. c1655
Misi, Queen of the Dal Riata, b. c404
Mor O'Brien, Queen of Connaught, b. c1139
Mor of Ossory, Queen of Ireland, b. c924
Muirchertach MacDomnaill, King of Mede, b. c942
Muirchertach MacEarca, King of Ireland, b. c481
Muirchertach Muighe O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. 1135
Muirchertach na G-Cochaill Criceann MacNeill, Prince of Ireland, b. c896
Muireadhach MacEogan, b. c461
Nechtan I MacErp, King of the Picts, b. c573
Niall Caille MacAeda, King of Ireland, b. c791
Niall Frossach MacFergal O'Neill, King of Ireland, b. c 718
Niall Glundub MacAeda O'Niall, King of Ireland, b. c871
Niall Mor O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1316
Niall Ruadh O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1176
Neil Og O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1337
Olaf I, King of Man and the Isles, b. c1081
Osybd, Princess of Ossory, b. c1066
Ragnhilda Olafsdottir, Princess of Man and Queen of The South Iles, b. c1117
Robert Dickson, The Honourable Member of the Upper Canada Legislative Assembly, b. 1796
Sara O'Neill, b. c1555
Serjeant James Forster, b. c1730
Shane O'Neil, b. c1600
Somerled MacGillebride, Lord of The Isles and VIII Thane of Argyll and also King of The South Isles, b. c1113
Spondana ingen Enfidaig, Princess of Picts, b. c617
Susannah Strange, b. 1736
Tadhg Glinne O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1114
Thomas de Bolton, Sheriff of Stixwold, b. c1220
Thomas MacShane, b. c1625
Turlough O'Connor, King of Ireland and Connaught, b. c
Turlough O'Neill, Knight and Lord of the Fews, b. c1550
Vivyan Alice Boulton, b. 1889
Walter Hamilton Dickson, The Honourable Captain and Life Member of the Upper Canada Legislative Assembly and also Canadian Senator, b. 1806
William Claus, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonial Indian Agent and Assistant-Superintendent of the Northern Indian Department, b. c1763
William Dickson, b. c1740
William Dickson, The Honourable Member of the Upper Canada Legislative Assembly, b. 1769
William George Dickson, The Honourable Member of the Upper Canada Legislative Assembly, b. 1834
William George Johnson, Mohawk Baronet Major General and Colonial Indian Agent and Superintendent General and Inspector General of the Northern Indian Department, b. 1715
William Henry Draper, CB Chief Justice of Upper Canada, b. 1801
William Johnson, Major General, b. c1650
Yffi of Deira of the Angles, b. c527

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