These data are almost certainly reliable and in any event stand upon accepted, genealogical relationships and thoroughly researched historical pedigrees. There may well prove to be some factual errors, but only of minor detail.

Dates, spelling, locations, and ancient female names sometimes become a judgmental matter and I have relied upon other’s research for most of the following. I have tried to edit out controversial claims. I have only included our family members here up to the end of the nineteenth century for sake of any legal implications.

The following are organised alphabetically by first names. Some of the names below are shown with their approximate titles in their native languages. The process by which these names are selected is haphazard and this list is not exclusive. A more controlled verification may be made via the genealogical 'relationship calculator'. The latter calculates the relationship between any two names in the database. The result is displayed in either a no relationship found statement, or a display of the specific names through which the relationship is found. There are several caveats for discovered relationships.

  • The calculator will only display the nearest relationship, although two individuals may be related in more than one way. (In my own case my mother and father have common antecedents and thus I have multiple possible relationships with common descendents.)
  • The relationships derived from our database are dependent on the names in the database. There is a limit to the number of names identified and therefore to the number of revealed relationships.
  • Errors are inevitable with large quantities of personal detail and despite historical scrutiny and my own best efforts I cannot always resolve mistakes in historical records.
  • Although unlikely, technical errors are possible, perhaps due to my own data input.

Pedigree Searches

I have not linked this set of names into the genealogical database as that would be tiresome. The interested reader may search and find all of these names in the database at this site. Some creative search-methodology may be required, since the database keys may not be exactly as shown here, given punctuation and possible spelling changes. The database is limited by volume and the number of alpha-numeric characters are limited. I have tried to provide a more accurate definition of names and titles below. In grammatical usage it is proper to use native accents, but these do not always survive in databases; similarly, there are different social conventions for numbering title-holders. Moreover, normally titles are prioritised by seniority after the name, but I have generally ignored that in favour of an historical or chronological sequences.

Comma Use

I have limited commas to separate only the name from any titles and then the birth year. I have been more able to isolate names by nationality and language and have restricted name-spelling to the owner's language. I have not given a comma to separate a suffix such as 'of placename'. I have decided that Beatrice of Winchester was a full name in itself and this follows through different languages.
Adam Gordon Johnson, 3rd Baronet of New York, b. 1781
Adda, King of Bernicia and Northumbria, b. c533
Adele Nordheimer, b. 1877
Adeline Georgina Boulton, b. 1845
Aed Findliath MacNeill, King Ireland and Ailech, b. c829
Aedh Ethus, King of Scots, b. c839
Aedh, Lord of the Fews, b. c1521
Aengus MacSomerled, Lord of Bute and Arran
Ailill macDunlaing O'Muiredaig, King of Leinster, b. c811
Alan la Zouche, Baron la Zouche of Ashby, b. c1267
Alianora of Galloway, Countess of Winchester, b. c1206
Alice FitzGerald, Queen of Ulster, b. c1493
Alleyn Woodbridge Gamble, b. 1850
Amy Edith Adeline Boulton, b. 1886
Anarawd Ap Rhodri Mawr, King of Gwynedd, b. c837
Angus Mor MacDonald, Lord of the Isles, b. c1239
Anna Francis Boulton, b. 1859
Anne Boulton, b. 1833
Anne Johnson, b. 1773
Anrothan O'Naill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1016
Anthony Boulton, b. c1639
Aodh O'Neill, King of Tir Eoghain, b. 1177
Aoife McMurrough, Princess of Leinster and Countess of Pembroke, b. c1150
Archibald Kennedy Johnson, b. 1792
Archibald Kennedy Johnson, b. 1839
Arran, Prince of the Isles, b. c1161
Arthur Boulton, b. c1885
Arthur Gordon Gamble, 1858
Arthur Henry Bowker, c1870
Arthur O'Niell, Knight, b. c1538
Art Og O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. 1485
Art O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1421
Art O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. 1457
Art O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1547
Athol Gordon Nordheimer, b. 1877
Bartholomew Aylmer, b. c1500
Beverly Robert Boulton, b. c1820
Brian Mor O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1424
Caroline Boulton, b. 1832
Caroline Francis Boulton, b. c1882
Casimir Dickson, b. c1861
Catherine Louise Bowker, b. c1866
Cecil Nordheimer, b. 1881
Cellach macBran O'Muiredaig, King of Leinster, b. c763
Charles Arckoll Boulton, Major Senator of Canada, b. 1841
Charles Boulton, b. 1797
Charles Christopher Johnson, Knight of the Bath and Lieutenant Colonel, b. 1789
Charles Gamble Bowker, b. c1869
Charles Johnson, b. c1856
Charles Johnson, Captain, b. 1833
Charles Knightly Boulton, b. 1827
Charles Turquand Johnson, b. 1825
Charlotte Johnson, b. c1803
Christopher Aylmer, b. c1580
Clara Boulton, b. c1830
Clarence Gill Boulton, b. c1887
Clarke W. Gamble, b. c1871
Claude Sautel Boulton, b. c1890
Conchobhar O'Neill, King of Ireland, b. c794
Conla O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1426
Conn Bacach O'Neill, King of Ulster and Earl of Tyrone, b. c1484
Conn Mor O'Neill, King Ulster, Prince of Tyrone, b. c1449
Conn O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1542
Connor O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c 1422
Constantine III, King of Scots, b. c863
Constantine IV, King of Scots, b. c932
Cuilean Colin, King of Scots, b. c911
D'Arcy Boulton, b. c1895
D'Arcy Boulton the Elder of the Grange, The Honourable Solicitor General of Upper Canada, b. 1762
D'Arcy Boulton The Younger, The Honourable Auditor General of Upper Canada, b.1814
D'Arcy Edward Boulton, b. 1814
Deila O'Neill, Princess of Ulster, b. c1491
Diarmait MacMorrough, King of Leinster, b. 1110
Domnall O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1453
Donall Kavanagh MacDiarmait, Prince of Leinster, b. c1155
Donal Claragh O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1427
Donald Dyfnwal, V King of Strathclyde, b. c866
Donald MacRanald, Lord of The Isles, b. c1176
Donncuan O'Toole, b. c1029
Donncuan MacDunlaing O'Toole, King of Leinster, b. c951
Dora Boulton, b. c1893
Dora Caroline Boulton, b. 1855
Dorothy Agnes Bowker, c1874
Dunlaing macTuathal O'Muiredaig, King of Leinster, b. c921
Edith Louisa Boulton, b. 1846
Edith Nordheimer, b. 1879
Eanfled of Deira, Queen of Northumbria, b. 626
Edward Clarke Bowker, b. c1867
Edward Colpoys Johnson, b. 1855
Edward Colpoys Johnson, b. c1871
Edward Griffith Colpoys, Knight Admiral, b. c1765
Edwin, King of Northumbria, b. c586
Egfrith, King of Northumbria, b. c644
Egidia MacDugall, Queen of Ulster, b. c1210
Eithne ingen Domnaill, Princess of Ireland, b. c742
Elena de Quincy, Lady, b. c1222
Ela Longspee, Lady, b. 1222
Elana O'Neill, Princess of Ulster, b. c1544
Eleanor FitzGerald, Queen of Ulster, b. c1451
Elfleda, Abbess of Whitby, b. c654
Elfwine, Sub-King of Deira, b. c661
Elizabeth Boulton, b. 1788
Elizabeth Boulton, b. c1641
Elizabeth Boulton, b. c1800
Elizabeth Boulton, b. c1826
Elizabeth Johnson, b. 1761
Elizabeth Sophia Gamble, 1846
Eliza O'Neill, Princess of Ulster, b. c1494
Emma Robinson Boulton, b. c1818
Eochaid, Prince of Scots, b. c912
Errol Nordheimer, b. 1879
Estelle Nordheimer, b. 1883
Ethelwald, King of Deira, b. c627
Euphanel Boulton, b. c1896
Eustace Colin Campbell Boulton, b. 1853
Felim Caoch O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1516
Felim O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1419
Florence Athol Gordon Boulton, b. 1882
Fonia of Moray, Queen of The Isles, b. c1137
Francis Clarke Gamble, b. 1848
Frederick Colpoys Ormsby Johnson, Major, 1858
Geale Dickson, b. c1844
George Arthur Campbell Taylor, b. 1869
George Boulton, b. c1638
George Boulton, Reverend, b. 1761
George D'Arcy Boulton, Alderman and President of the Toronto City Council, b. 1834
George D'Arcy Boulton, b. 1834
George Johnson, b. 1767
George Strange Boulton, Member of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada, b. 1797
Gerald FitzMaurice, I Baron Offaly, b. 1150
Gerald Mor FitzGerald, VIII Earl Kildare, b. c1446
Gilbert de Strigoil III Earl of Pembroke, b. 1173
Gilbert Marshal, VII Earl of Pembroke, b. c1195
Gilla Comgaill O'Toole, Prince of Leinster, b. c972
Gilla Coemgin O'Toole, b. c991
Gilla Coemgin O'Toole, b. c1001
Gilla Comgaill O'Toole, Lord of Ui Muiredach, b. c1057
Gordon Dudley Bowker, b. c1873
Glappa, King of Bernicia and Northumbria, b. c531
Grace Isobel Pasely, b. c1881
Gruffydd Ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd,, b. c1054
Guy Campbell, Knight General, b. c1814
Harriet Elizabeth Boulton, b. 1803
Harriet Emily Gamble, c1860
Harry Dudley Gamble, KC, 1855
Henry Boulton of Moulton, b. c1760
Henry Carew Boulton, b. 1833
Henry Graham Boulton, b. c1884
Henry John Boulton, b. 1824
Henry John Boulton, The Honourable Attorney General of Canada and Chief Justice of Newfoundland, b. 1790
Henry Oge O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1454
Henry O'Neill, King of Ulster, Prince of Tyrone, b. c1416
Henry O'Neill, Lord of the Fews, b. c1575
Henry O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1546
Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, b. c1548
Iago Ap Idwal, King of Gwynedd, b. c992
Idwal Ap Meurig, King of Gwynedd, b. c916
Idwal Foel Ap Anarawd, King of Gwynedd, b. c881
Indulf, King of Scots, b. c886
James Lorne Fitzroy Boulton, b. 1848
James Plunkett, 7th Baron Killeen, b. c1510
James Stephen Johnson, Captain, b. 1785
James Stephen Johnson, Lieutenant, b. 1836
Joan ingen Neill, Queen of Airthir Liphi, b. c824
Joan Cam, FitzGerald, Lady, b. c1445
John Andrew Boulton, b. 1810
John Boulton Boulton, b. 1829
John Cam FitzJohn FitzGerald, VI Earl Kildare, b. c1377
John Campbell, Knight, Lieutenant General, c1760
John Carew Boulton, b. c1881
John Claus, Captain, b. c1785
John Graham Boulton, b. 1856
John Henry Bowker, b. c1870
John Henry Gamble, Captain, b. 1844
John Johnson, 2nd Baronet of New York Major General and Member of the Québec Legislative Council and also Member of the Legislative Council of Lower Canada, b. 1742
John Johnson, Colonel, b. 1782
John O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1541
John Ormsby Johnson, Vice Admiral, b. 1822
Judith O'Neill, Princess of Ulster, b. c1493
Julia Johnson, b. c1765
Lorcan macCellach O'Muiredaig, King of Leinster, b. c801
Lucy Boulton, b. c1892
Maelcorcre O'Toole ingen Dunlaing O'Muiredaig, Queen of Dublin, b. c954
Mael Duin O'Neill, King of Ailech, b. c793
Mael Ruanaid MacDonnchad O'Neill, King of Ireland, b. c792
Magdalene Johnson, b. 1763
Malcolm, Prince of Scots, b. c933
Margaret Johnson, b. 1765
Margaret Johnson, b. c1776
Margaret O'Neill, Princess of Ulster, b. c1548
Maria Bowes Johnson, b. c1846
Mary Anne Susan Johnson, b. c1848
Mary Boulton, b. c1888
Mary Johnson, b. 1744
Mary Johnson, b. 1764
Mary Johnson, b. c1804
Mary Sayer Boulton, b. c1816
Matthew Aylmer, 1st Lord Aylmer Admiral, b. c1669
Maud la Zouche, Lady, b. 1290
Maurice FitzGerald, Baron Lanstephan and Baron of Offaly, b. 1100
Maurice FitzThomas, 1st Lord Kerry, bc1241
Maximillian Nordheimer, b. 1876
Meurig Ap Idwal Foel, Prince of Gwynedd, b. c903
Mor ingen Muirchertaig O'Toole, Queen of Leinster, b. 1114
Mouirchertach O'Toole, King of the Ui Muiredaig, b. c1089
Muiredach macBran, King of Leinster, b. c766
Murtagh O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1420
Naomi Augusta Boulton, b. 1884
Neilina Nordheimer, b. 1874
Niall Conallach, Tanist of Tir Eoghain, b. c1498
Niall Mor O'Neill, b. c1501
Niall O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1423
Niall O'Neill Prince of Ulster, b. c1486
Osthryth, Queen of Mercia, b. c658
Oswald, Saint King of Northumbria, b. 604
Oswy, King of Northumbria, b. c612
Peter Johnson, Ensign, b. 1759
Peter Warren Johnson, b. c1717
Peter Warren, Knight Vice Admiral, c1703
Phyllis Melfort Nordheimer, b. 1891
Ragnhild, Princess of The Isles and Lady of Galloway, b. c1174
Ragnvold MacSomerled of Kintyre, King of The Isles, b. c1141
Raignault ingen Olaf, Princess of Dublin and Queen of Gwynedd, b. c1028
Raynald D'Arcy Gamble, b. 1853
Rhodri Mawr ap Merfyn Frych, King of Wales, b. 820
Richard Marshal, VI Earl of Pembroke, b. c1194
Robert Hamilton Dickson, Colonial Assistant-Superintendent of the Great Lakes Indian Department, b. 1769
Robert Thomas Johnson, b. c1777
Robert Warren Johnson Captain Royal Navy, b. 1868
Roderic Baccach O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1450
Roger la Zouche, Baron la Zouche of Ashby, b. c1241
Roy Boulton Nordheimer, b. 1887
Sarah Anne Boulton, b. c1825
Shane an Diomus O'Neill, King of Ulster, b. c1513
Shane O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1499
Sihtric Silkbeard Olafsson, King of Dublin, b. c954
Slaine O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1456
Sophia Boulton, b. c1820
Stewart Fitzroy Boulton Nordheimer, b. 1862
Susan Griffith Colpoys, Lady, b. c1798
Susanna Verch Gruffydd, Princess of Powys, b. c1118
Theodric, King of Bernicia and Northumbria, b. c536
Thomas FitzGerald, VII Earl of Kildare, b. c1421
Thomas O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1543
Thrain, King of the Picts, b. c618
Tirloch O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1514
To-To-Win, b. c1780
Tuathal macAugaire O'Muiredaig, King of Leinster, b. c884
Tuathal macMuiredach O'Muiredaig, King of Leinster, b. c798
Tuathal O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1452
Turlough Luinagh O'Niell, b. c1517
Turlough O'Neil, b. c1601
Turlough O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, b. c1488
Ugaire MacAilella, King of Leinster, b. c854
Urlachan ingen Diarmait, Princess of Leinster, b. c1152
Walter Marshal, VIII Earl of Pembroke, b. c1199
Warren Johnson, Major, b. 1778
William Boulton, b. 1805
William George Johnson, 4th Baronet of New York Captain, b. 1830
William Henry Boulton, b. 1812
William Henry Foster Boulton, b. 1819
William Johnson, b. 1831
William Johnson, Lieutenant Colonel, b. 1775
William Marshal, V Earl of Pembroke, b. c1192
William Sommerville Boulton, b. 1830

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