The site contents below are fully linked from the listed titles to their corresponding text. Collectively they seek to portray family activities and motivations over the periods indicated. Some of the individual files (or web-pages) shown here are linked directly to other files, where some parallel interest is suggested. The maps indicated are both embedded within the various texts and independently accessible.

The primary commercial genealogical database does not lend itself to web display and the site manager does not allow new software scripts. The resulting displayed database has been hosted at an independent computer server. A new software programme has been written to display the data.

Some effort has been made to identify and display European military units in the Americas. A common data structure has been devised to portray units activities and enable cross-comparisons. Public sources are limited and the data are no doubt in error of detail, but readers may be assured that the data have been made as accurate as humanly possible and separate analysis may be made with some confidence.

Additional capabilities are planned to facilitate access and data accuracy. Public access is intended and will be enabled to this family site; however, its purpose remains to support family interests.

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A Mackenzie Family History Introduction
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Family Chronology
Family Overview
Historical Outline
Family Genealogy
Introduction to Genealogy
Selected Pedigrees
Ancient Mackenzie, FitzGerald, and Welsh Lineages and Sources
Ancient Johnson, and Irish Lineages and Sources
A Mackenzie Family Database
Mackenzie Family Vignettes
Gerald of Wales
Mackenzie Ancestors
Mackenzie Grandparents
Mackenzie Aunts, Uncles, Cousins
Coul Origins and Speculation
Willison Family Vignettes
Willison Ancestors
Willison Grandparents
Willison Aunts, Uncles, Cousins
2Lt Bill Willison at Dunkirk
Historical Backgrounds
The Mongols
Seleucid Empire
Macedonian Empire
Ancient Britain
The Celts
Caesar's Britain
Roman Britannia
Post-Roman Britain
Norman Castles in Britain
The Germans
The English Language
The Evolution Of Britain
Roman Legions
Etruscan Fitzgerald Origins
    The Roman Army
    Roman Legions: 59 BC-69 AD
    Roman Legions: 69 AD-193
    Roman Legions: 193-455

English/Latin Gazetteer
Carolingian Europe
Feudal Society
Social Titles
Title Glossary
The Spread of Islam
    The Seljuk Turks
    The Ottoman Turks
Mediaeval Castles
The Crusades
Joffa Retaken: 31 July-5 August 1192
The Vikings
Scots Monarchs
The Clan
Clan Conflict
The Clan Mackenzie
Mackenzie Heraldry
Eilean Donan Castle
The Reivers
The Bayeux Tapestry
English Monarchs
Tudor England
Origins of Heraldry
Heraldic Devices
The Black Prince (1330-1376)
Seize Quartiers
Mediaeval Europe
Germanic Invasions
The Magyars
The Rise of Kiev & Moscow
The Balance of Power
The British Empire
Imperial Family Postscript: Present at Waterloo: 18 June 1815
British North America (BNA)
BNA Indian Superintendents
Exploration of North America: -1499
Exploration of North America: 1500-
La Nueva España
    Spanish Commanders in North America
    Spanish Commanders in Central America
    Spanish Commanders in The Caribbean
    Spanish Commanders in South America
La Nouvelle France
    French Commanders in North America: -1700
    French Commanders in North America: 1701-
New England
     English Commanders in BNA: -1680
     English Commanders in BNA: 1681-1730
     British Commanders in BNA: 1731-1775
     British Commanders in BNA: 1776-
Danish, Dutch, German, Russian, Swedish, Swiss Commanders In North America
    European Forts in North America -c1899
    European Forts in North America -1599
    European Forts in North America 1600-1699
    European Forts In North America 1700-1799
    European Forts in North America 1800-
New World Slavery
Canada and Other British North American Colonies
    The Canadas
    British Governors General Of Canada 1867-
Military Orders Of Battle (ORBATS)
    Spanish Military Units in America
    French Military Units in North America
    British Military Units in North America - Support Arms
    British Military Units in North America - Infantry Part A
    British Military Units in North America - Infantry Part B
    American Provincial, and Loyalist Corps: - 1783
    Canadian Fencible, Militia, and Provincial Corps: 1783 -
    German and Other Auxiliary Military Units in BNA
    Danish, Dutch, Russian, and Swedish Military in BNA
The American Revolution
    American Revolutionary Military Commanders
    American Revolution Military: 1775
    American Cavalry and Artillery: - 1783
    American Infantry Regiments and Independent Battalions: - 1783 - Part 1
    American Infantry Regiments and Independent Battalions: - 1783 - Part 2
    American Infantry Regiments and Independent Battalions: - 1783 - Part 3
    American Infantry Regiments and Independent Battalions: - 1783 - Part 4
    American Infantry Regiments and Independent Battalions: - 1783 - Part 5
    American Infantry Regiments and Independent Battalions: - 1783 - Part 6
Caesar's Britain
Britannia: 43 AD
Shifting Power In Britain: c600 AD
The Heptarchy
The British Empire
Wales: c400-1000
Irish Baronies: c1300
Scotland and The Borders
The Clans
Battle of Culloden: English Strategy: 1746
Mackenzie Area
Clan Area with Coul House
Clan Area with Castle Leod
Western Mackenzie Area with Castle Eilean Donan
Highland Emigration Ports: c1840
Europe: c100 AD
Etrurian Evolution
The Roman Empire
The Silk Road
Viking Access Routes in Europe: c800-1000
Charlemagne's Europe: 814
Mediaeval European Trade Routes: c1200
The Armada: 1588
The Mediterranean
Crusader Routes
Kingdom of Jerusalem and Empire of Sultan Salah Al-Din
The Islamic Empire
The Ottoman Turkish Empire
New World Slave Trade: -1807 British Abolition
The Battle of Waterloo: 18 June 1815
The Americas
Major North American Indian Tribal Areas
The Arctic
Eastern North America: 1774
British North America
The North American Colonies: c1700
French and Indian War Locale: 1756-1763
The American Colonial Northern and Indian Frontier: 1768
American Expansion: 1790, 1810
Canada: 1812
Niagara Region: 1812-1814 War
Areas of the Metis and Riel Rebellions
British North America, North-Eastern New Spain: 1774
American Revolution; Overview: 1775-1783
American Revolution; British Strategies: 1775
Revolution; Lexington and Concord: 1775
Revolution; Battle of Bunker Hill: 1775
Revolution; Invasion of Canada: 1775-1776
Revolution; Battle of Long Island: 1776
Revolution; Operations Along Hudson: 1776
Revolution; Burgoyne's Expedition: 1777
Revolution; Capture of Ticonderoga: 1777
Revolution; Battle of Brandywine: 1777
Revolution; Battle of Germantown: 1777
Revolution; Burgoyne at Saratoga: 1777
Revolution; Battle of Monmouth: 1778
Revolution; March to Yorktown: 1781
Revolution; Siege of Yorktown: 1781
The World: c2000 BC
The World: c450 BC
The World: c200 BC
The World: c200 AD
The Polar World
The World: c1400
The World: c1587
The World: 1898
Primary and Secondary References
Publications and Documents
Background Research
Internet Citations

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