The following table gives an indication of family members and where they fit in history. The people named below are not all related to me, but are all related either to me or my cousins and their families. For example, in our family only my cousin Toni is related to the Astors. I have generally indicated start dates for the events noted below. I have not divided the years from the events to keep the flow of relevance within commas.

Despairing of any better method I have grouped people by birth-centuries. They are not ordered within the century. I have used common abbreviations for political appointments and military ranks; and I resisted the urge to name every historical figure. I have tried to capture at least a few figures significant to this study; and I have also tried to name at least one person in a well-known line. More complete relationship detail may be found from the genealogical database by using the Relationship Calculator, which is found there.

Readers will notice that in the 'Relatives' column I have used commas only to divide personalities. I have then linked these names to their parent genealogical database, where they are also all included. Interested readers may search the database, which is at this site.


Historical Events



1939 WWII, 1922 Churchill Divided up Ottoman Empire, 1917 Russian Revolution, 1914 WWI, 1910 Union of South Africa Founded, 1910 Mexican Revolution, 1908 Ford Sold Model Ts, 1905 Russia Lost Port Arthur To Japanese, 1905 St Petersburg Massacre Ignited Russian Revolution, 1902 Charles Lindbergh Flew across the Atlantic, 1901 Death of Queen Victoria.
Betty Willison, Rachel Willison, Bill Willison, Marion Wilks, George Birchall, Murray Mackenzie, Alan Mackenzie, Robert Hotz, Mildred May Armstrong,
1899 Boer War, 1898 Spanish-American War, 1896 Gold Discovered in Yukon, 1874 NWMP formed, 1870 Métis Rebellion, 1867 BNA Canada, 1861 US Civil War, 1857 Indian Mutiny, 1854 Crimean War, 1848 Revolutions in Hungary, Balkans, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Bohemia, Romania, Austria, 1837 Upper and Lower Canada Rebellions, 1834 Slavery Ended in British Empire, 1830 Belgium Created, 1825 Bolivia Created, 1824 Simon Bolivar Defeated Spanish Freed Peru, 1821 Greece Declared Independence from Ottoman Empire, 1815 Wellington Defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, 1813 Venezuela Independent of Spain, War of 1812 started, 1803 America Bought French Louisiana.

Hector Harding, Melita Ellis, Frank Charles Moore New York Lt Gov, Hon William George Dickson MLC, Esther Serena Brown, Isabella Dairon, Augusta Maria Geale, Vivyan Boulton, Walter Hamilton Dickson Senator, John Ormsby Johnson V Admiral, Helen Moore, William George Hatch, Alexandrina Victoria Hanover Queen of UK & Ireland Empress of India, Alfred Moore Col, Mary Bella McKenzie, Eugene Langdon Wilks, Elizabeth Langdon, Edward Briquet, John Willison Kt, Emma Dickson, Hon William G Dickson MLC, William Henry Draper CB Ch Justice, Kenneth McKenzie, Margaret McEachern, Henry Philip Moore, William George Johnson Bt of New York Capt, James Black, Alexander McKenzie, Edward Colpoys Johnson, Charles Arckoll Boulton Senator, Charles Johnson Capt, Mervin Archdahl Armstrong, Mary Hamilton, Charlotte Hamilton, Frank Birchall, Anna Francis Boulton, Adeline Georgina Boulton, James Wilson, David Alfred Dairon, Alexander McKenzie, Elizabeth Jane Wilson, Elizabeth Brock, Samuel Armstrong, Jane Athole Gordon Campbell, Elizabeth Gray, Mary Hamilton, Matthew Whitworth-Aylmer Baron Governor-General of Canada, Maria Dunn, Mary Armstrong, George McKenzie, Anne Mackenzie, Archibald McEacheran, Anne Gilchrist, Margaret Nielina Fortye, George Gilchrist Mackenzie, James Boulton, George Washington Hatch, Hon George Hamilton MLC Capt,

1798 Nelson and Napoleon at Battle of the Nile, 1793 Alex Mackenzie to Pacific, 1789 French Revolution, 1779 South African Cape Frontier Wars, 1775 American War of Independence, 1759 Battle of Québec, 1757 British Won India at Battle of Plassey, 1756 Seven Years' War started, 1755 Battle of Lake George Johnson Defeated French von Dieskau MGen Braddock Killed at Monongahela, 1746 Scots Prince Charles Defeated at Battle of Culloden, 1745 Capture of Louisbourg, 1715 Seaforth Lost at Jacobite Rebellion, 1707 Act of Union of England & Scotland,1703 Czsar Peter Built new capital at St Petersberg, 1701 War of Spanish Succession.

Walter Langdon, Colonel, Dorothea Astor, Francis Wilson, John Jacob Astor, Robert Moor, Samuel Armstrong Sr, Jane Hardy, D’Arcy Boulton the elder Attorney Gen, Elizabeth Forster, George Mackenzie Bt of Coul, Maj Fortye, Colin Campbell KCB Lord Clyde, Mary Johnson, Hon William Dickson MLC, Peter Johnson 2Lt, Guy Johnson Col Colonial Northern Indian Dept Supt, George Washington President General, John Johnson 2 Bt of New York, William Johnson Mohawk Bt Colonial Indian Dept Supt Maj Gen, Robert Moor, Alexander Mackenzie Bt Maj Gen, Mary Jane Black, Mark Wilks Reverend, Hon Daniel Claus Colonial Indian Dept Quèbec Supt Col, John Mackenzie, John MacLeod Count Cromarty Lt Gen, Catherine Weisenberg, Adam Gordon Johnson Bt of New York, V Adm Peter Warren Kt, Robert Hamilton Dickson Colonial Indian Agent, Henry John Boulton Attorney Gen, Catherine von Anholt-Zerbst Tsaritsa of Russia, James FitzGerald Duke of Leinster, Mary Preston, Edward Colpoys Kt Adm, Charles Johnson KB Lt Col, Anne Johnson, Simon Fraser of Lovat Lt Gen, James Forster Ch Justice, Henry Boulton of Moulton JP, George Mackenzie III Earl of Cromartie, Alexandr I Pavlovich Romanov Tsar of Russia.

1690 Indians in New York, Battle of the Boyne, 1683 Ottoman Turks Attacked Vienna, 1682 La Salle Explored Mississippi River, 1670 Hudson's Bay Company, 1664 English Captured New Amsterdam (New York), 1653 Taj Mahal, 1650 Anglo-Dutch Wars Ended Dutch Power, 1648 Peace of Westphalia, 1642 Cromwell & English Civil War, 1620 Plymouth Founded in America, 1618 Thirty Year War, 1607 Jamestown Colony, 1608 Québec City, 1605 English Gunpowder Plot, 1603 Elizabeth I Died James Stuart King, 1603 Champlain Mapped St Lawrence, 1602 Dutch East India Company.

Georg I Louis Hanover King of Gt Britain, Sophia Hanover Queen of Prussia, Anne Warren, Colin Mackenzie Bt of Coul, Christopher Johnson, John Mackenzie 3 Bt of Coul, Robert FitzGerald Earl of Kildare, Henry Boulton of Stixwold Esq, Alice Bolton of Moulton, Maj Gen William Johnson, Kenneth Mackenzie Marquess & Earl Seaforth, Kenneth Mackenzie 1 Bt of Coul, Simon Fraser 11 Lord of Lovat, George Mackenzie Earl of Cromartie, Wentworth FitzGerald Earl of Kildare, Elizabeth Bryan of Bolingbroke, Christopher Aylmer Bt Aylmer, Alexander Mackenzie of Coul, Thomas Butler VI Earl of Ossory V Admiral, Jean Chisholm, Elizabeth Gibbon, Matthew Aylmer 1 Baron Aylmer Admiral, Anne Fitzsimmons of Tallynally, Turlough O'Neil, Anthony Boulton, Catherine Aylmer Lady Balrath, Frances Fay of Derrinaganale, Shane O'Neil, Elizabeth Preston Baroness Dingwall, Thomas MacShane, D'Arcy Preston, Elizabeth Bryan, James Butler, 1 Duke of Ormonde

1588 England Defeated Spanish Armada, 1570 Sigurd Stefansson Made Map of North-Eastern Canada, 1568 Dutch Revolted Against Spain, 1533 Henry VIII Formed Church of England, 1533 Spain Conquered Incas, 1529 Ottoman Turks at Vienna, 1521 Cortés Conquered Aztec Mexico, 1520 Magellan Sailed Pacific Martin Luther, 1513 Scots Defeated at Battle of Flodden by Henry VIII, 1513 Machiavelli Wrote 'The Prince', 1511 Portugese Colonised South-East Asia, 1500s Reivers Active on Scots/English border, 1500 Brazil Claimed by Portugal.
Hugh Fraser 7th Lord of Lovat, Colin Cam MacKenzie Baron of Kintail, Henry Boulton of Bardney Esq, Felipe II Habsburg Rey de España, Alexander Mackenzie Baron of Coul & Applecross, Henry Boulton Esq of Bardney, Hector Munro 2 of Assynt Maj, Colin Mackenzie of KintaiI I Earl of Seaforth, Shane an Diomus O'Neill King of Ulster, Kenneth Mackenzie 1 Baron of Kintail, Kenneth Mackenzie 10 Baron of Kintail, Maximilian II Hapsburg Holy Roman Emperor, João III Rei de Portugal e de Algarve, Charles IX de Valois Roi de France, Louis II King of Hungary & Bohemia, Henri II d'Albret Roi de Navarre, Elizabeth I Tudor Queen of England, Turlough O'Neill Kt Lord of the Fews, Feidhlimidh Ruadh O'Neill Lord of the Fews, Henry Brandon Earl of Lincoln, Maximilian II von Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor, Anne Boleyn Queen of England and Marchioness of Pembroke, James Stuart I of England VI of Scotland.
1498 Vasco Da Gama Reached India, 1492 Arabs Defeated in Spain, Columbus, Inquisition, 1478 Ivan III Expelled Mongols from Russia, 1476 Johannes Scolvuss Pining and Hans Pothorst Explored Ungava Bay and Hudson Strait, 1453 Ottoman Turks Conquered Constantinople, 1445 Gutenberg Printed First European Book, 1429 Jeanne d'Arc and French Defeated English, 1415 King Henry V & Battle of Agincourt, 1410 Battle of Tannenberg Poles Defeated Germans, 1413 Chinese Zheng He's Fleet to India & Africa, 1400 Little Ice Age Began.

Henry VIII Tudor King of England, Conn Bacach O'Neill, King of Ulster Earl of Tyrone, Wladyslaw III King of Poland & Hungary, John Mackenzie Baron of Kintail, Elizabeth Grant of Freuchie, Gerald Og FitzGerald Earl of Kildare, Kenneth Mackenzie Kt Baron of Kintail, Eleanor FitzGerald Queen of Ulster, Agnes Fraser Lady, Thomas FitzGerald Earl of Kildare, Fernando el Rey Católico King of Spain, Anna MacDougall of Dunollich, Thomas Butler Kt Earl of Ormonde, Alice FitzGerald Queen of Ulster, Art Óg O'Neill King of Ulster, Isabel I el Católico Queen of Castile, Henry VII Tudor King of England, Elizabeth Plantagenet of York Queen of England, Mary Tudor Reine de France Duchess of Suffolk, Maria Queen of Portugal, Piers Butler Earl of Ormonde, Niall Conallach Tanist of Tir Eoghain, Art O'Neill King of Ulster, Colin Campbell I Earl of Argyll.

1387 Lithuania Converted to Christianity, 1381 English Peasants' Revolt, 1376 Death of English Black Prince, 1350 Greenland Found Deserted, 1347 Black Death Killed 35% of Europe, 1337 Hundred Year War Began between England & France, 1320 Poland Reunified After the Golden Horde, 1314 Robert The Bruce Defeated English at Battle of Bannockburn, 1305 Avignon Papacy Created.

Conn Mor O'Neill King of Ulster Prince of Tyrone, Isabel Macauley of Lochbroom, Murdoch Mackenzie Baron of Kintail, Alexander Mackenzie Baron of Kintail, Murdoch Mackenzie Baron of Kintail, Manuel II Palaeologus Emperor of Byzantium, Fynvola MacLeod of Herries, Leopold IV Hertzog von Österreich, Juan I Rey de castilla y de Leon, Margaret Mar Countess, John Cam FitzGerald VI Earl Kildare, Eoghan mac Néill Óg King of Ulster, Alfonso XI Rey de Castile y Leon, Henry V King of England, Pedro I Rei de Portugal e Algarve, Enrique II, Rey de Castilla, Jeanne II Capet Reina de Navarre, Edward III Plantagenet King of England, Jean II de Valois Roi de France.

1291 Acre Captured by Turks, 1275 Italian Marco Polo to China, 1226 Death of St Francis of Assisi, 1268 Antioch Captured by Turks, 1266 Marco Polo Reached Beijing, 1263 Scots Defeated Vikings at Battle of Largs, 1261 Greenland Accepted Norwegian Suzerainty, 1257 University of Paris, 1248 Seventh Crusade Failed, 1236 Spanish Córdoba Recovered from Moors, 1215 English King John Signs Magna Carta, 1206 Genghis Khan Founded Mongol Empire, c1200 Northern Climate Cooled.

Philippe VI de Valois, Roi de France, Margaret de Strathbogie Lady, Robert I Bruce King of the Scots, Kenneth FitzGerald Baron of Kintail, Kenneth Mackenzie Baron of Kintail, John Balliol King of Scots, Emmeline Longespee Lady, Gerald FitzMaurice FitzGerald Earl of Desmond, John Comyn Lord of Badenoch Justiciar Scots, Morba MacDougall of Lorn, Thomas de Bolton Sheriff of Stixwold, Gerald (Colin) FitzGerald Baron of Kintail, Margaret Stewart Lady, Thomas FitzGerald Baron Geashill, Maurice FitzGerald Baron Offaly Justiciar of Ireland, Eleanor Morris, Egidia MacDugall Queen of Ireland and Ulster, Isobel Mar Queen of Scots, Christina Bruce Countess of Mar, Sancho II Capelo Rei de Portugal e Algarve, Henri II Duc de Brabant, Sancho IV Rey de Castile y Leon, Juliane de Cogan Lady, Donal Og MacCarthy King of Desmond, Margaret FitzMaurice Queen of Desmond.

1189 Richard I Led Third Crusade, 1188 Saladin Destroyed Crusader Kingdom, 1172 King Henry II Granted Irish Suzerainty by Pope Defeated Irish, 1170 Archbishop Thomas Becket Murdered, 1169 Norman English Began Conquest of Ireland, 1158 University of Bologna, 1154 Chartres Cathedral Begun, 1128 Portugese Freed from Leon, 1125 Teutonic Germans Expanded Eastward, c1124 Islendingabok Written, 1100 First European Universities and Gothic Cathedrals Begun.
Eva de Bermingham, Gerald FitzGerald Baron Offaly, Sibyl Queen of Jerusalem, Bishop David FitzGerald, Alice de Montgomerie, Gerald of Wales, Henri II Roi de Jérusalem Comte de la Champagne, Alan Earl of Richmond Comte de la Brétagne, Maurice FitzGerald Invader of Ireland Baron Lanstephen, Milo de Cogan Kt, Elanor Duchesse d'Aquitaine Queen of England, Angharad FitzGerald, Henry II Plantagenet King of England Duke of Normandy Count of Anjou, Eustache IV Compt de la Boulogne, Llywellyn Fawr Ap Iowerth Prince of Aberffraw, Hoel III de la Brétagne, Affonso II Rei de Portugal e Algarve, Harald Maddadson Earl of Orkney and Caithness, William Marshal Earl of Pembroke, Bela II King of Hungary, Enriques Principe de Portugal, Somerled MacGillebride Lord of The Isles Thane of Argyll King of South Isles, Aoife McMurrough Princess of Leinster Countess of Pembroke, Richard de Clare Strongbow II Earl of Pembroke, Diarmait MacMorrough King of Leinster, Casimir II Duke of Cracow, Isabel de Clare Countess Strigoil, Donal Mor MacCarthy King of Desmond, Dermot MacCarthy of Dundrinan King of Desmond.
c1099 Huemac last Toltec king died in Mexico, 1099 Godefroid de Bouillon Led First Crusade Established Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1094 El Cid Reconquered Valencia from Moors, 1086 Domesday Book, 1070 Normans Conquered England & Began Conquest of Wales, Feudalism Introduced in England, 1066 Normans Defeated Saxons at Hastings William Began Castle Construction, 1060 Normans Conquered Sicily, 1054 Western and Eastern Christian Churches Split, 1040 Macbeth King of Scots, c1018 King Canute of England Conquered Denmark, 1007 Vikings Abandoned Vinland, 1004 Thorfinn Karlsefni and Thorvald Eriksson Reached Newfoundland and Strait of Belle Isle, 1000 Christianity Legal Religion in Iceland.
Conchobar O'Neill King of Ulster, Nesta Tewdwr Mawr Princess of Deheubarth, Henry I Beauclerc King of England Duc de la Normandie, Rhys Ap Tewdwr Mawr King of Deheubarth, Baudoin I de Boulogne Roi de Jérusalem, Alexius II Comnenus Emperor of Byzantium, William FitzWalter, Constable of Windsor and Keeper of the Forest, Gerald FitzWalter Constable of Pembroke, Anna Yaroslavna Reine de France Princess of Kiev, Walter FitzOther Keeper of the Great Forest Constable of Windsor, Other FitzOthoere Baron of Windsor, Rhiwallon Ap Cynfyn King of Powys, Philippe I Capet Roi de France Duc de la Burgogne, Guillaume le Conquerant Roi de l'Angleterre Duc de la Normandie, Vladimir II Monomakh Grand Duke of Kiev, Domnall an tOgdhamh O'Neill King of Ulster, Dubhcola MacDermott Queen of Connaught, Henri I Capet Roi de France Duc de la Bourgogne, Guy de Vienne Archevêque Papa Callixtus II, Flaithbertach O'Neill King of Ulster, Guillaume Comte de Warenne I Earl of Surrey Justiciar of England, Turlough O'Connor King of Ireland and Connaught, Erik I Svendsson, King of Denmark, Edward the Confessor St King of England, Harthacnut Cnutsson of Denmark King England, Manuel I Comnenus Emperor of Byzantium, Guillaume IX, Duc d'Aquitaine, Diarmait MacMail na mBo King of Ireland and Leinster, Cormac MacCarthy King of Munster, Muireadach MacCarthy King of the Eoghanacht Cashel, Carthach of Mumhan Lord of the Eoghanacht.
999 Leif Eriksson Visited Vinland (Newfoundland), 985 Eric the Red Settled Greenland, 985 Bjarni Herjolfsson Discovered Newfoundland and Labrador, 979 Danegeld Paid to Bribe Vikings in England, 976 Great Mosque Completed at Cordoba, 970 A Viking Made Earl of Orkney, 957 King Harald Bluetooth United Denmark and Norway, 955 Magyars Defeated at Battle of Lechfield, 930 Althing in Iceland, 919 New Mexico Pueblos Built, 912 Cordoba largest city in Europe, c900 Mayan City States Abandoned.

Richard II Duc de Normandie, Harald II Bluetooth Gormsson King of Denmark, Cosimo di Gherardini duca grande di Firenze, Olaf King of Dublin, Hywel Dda Ap Cadel King of all Wales, Bjorn Ericsson King of Sweden, Brian Boruma macCennetig King of Ireland, Vladimir Saint Grand Prince of Kiev, Muirchertach MacDomnaill King of Mede, Guillaume V Duc d'Aquitaine, Conan Duc de la Bretagne Comte de Rennes, Eberhard Herzog von Bayern, Hugh Capet Roi de France Comte de Paris, Judith de la Bretagne Duchesse de la Normandie, Gunnor de Crepon Duchesse de la Normandie, Maelcorcre O'Toole ingen Dunlaing O'Muiredaig Queen of Dublin, Sihtric Silkbeard Olafsson King of Dublin, Sweyn I Forkbeard Haraldsson King of Denmark, Cnut II Sweynsson King of England Denmark and Norway, Emma de Normandie Queen of England, Hywel Dda Ap Cadel King of Wales, Ulf Thorkilsson Jarl of Denmark, William Erzbischof von Mainz, Cinaed macCairpre O'Cheinnselaig King of the Ui Cheinselaig.

896 Hungary Settled by Magyars, 891 Vikings Defeated in France, Vikings Settled Iceland, 877 Gunnbjorn Visited Greenland, 870 Danes Invaded England Scandinavians Settled Iceland, 860 Vikings Attacked Constantinople, 844 Scotland Created, 840 Vikings Settled Ireland, 835 Papal Bull on Christians in Iceland & Greenland, 827 Arabs Invaded Sicily, 824 Arabs Conquered Crete, 809 Nennius Wrote 'Historia Britonnum', 800 Charlemagne Crowned Holy Roman Emperor, c800-900 Vikings in France Britain Iceland.

Arpad of Hungary Prince of the Magyars, Malcolm I of Alba King of Scots, Alfred the Great King of the West Saxons England, Charlemagne Roi des Francs de l'Empereur Romain Saint, Rognvald I Eysteinsson Jarl of More, Rolf (Rollo) Ragnvaldsson Duc de la Normandie, Aed Findliath MacNeill King of Ireland and Ailech, Land verch Echach Queen of Ireland, Heinrich I König von Deutschland Heiliger Römischer Kaiser, Berengar I Re dell'Italia Imperatore Romano Santo, Ailill macDunlaing O'Muiredaig King of Leinster, Berthold Herzog von Bayern, Robert I Roi des France, Kenneth I MacAlpin King of Scots, Berenguer Comte de Bayeux, Rhodri Mawr King of All Wales, Lorcán macCellach O'Muiredaig King of Leinster, Indulf King of Scots, Guillaume Longsword Duc de la Normandie, Olaf Guthfrithson King of Dublin and York, Constantine II of Alba King of Scots, Emma von Bayern, Königin der Ostfranc Königin der Ostfranc, Zoltan of Hungary Prince of the Magyars, Ethelhelm Archbishop of Canterbury, Emund King of Birka.

793 Vikings Raid England, 770 Celts Settled Iceland, 765 Mayan Palace Built at Cancuen, 733 Arabs Defeated at Poitiers, 731 Venerable Bede Wrote 'Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum', 711 Berbers Invaded Spain via Gibraltar, c700 Vikings Invaded Orkneys, c700 Slavs Settled Balkans.
Aedh Oirdnidhe O'Neill Frossach King of Ireland, Alpin of Kintyre King of Scots, Bran Becc macMurchada O'Dunlainge King of Leinster, Pepin III Roi des Francs, Nominoe Duc de Bretagne, Witica of Galicia King of the Visigoths, Maedhbh ingen Indrechtaich Queen of Ireland, Meurig Ap Dyfnwallon King of Seisyllwg, Wittekind König der Saxons, Mael Duin O'Neill King of Ailech, Cynan Tindaethwy Ap Rhodri King of Gwynedd, Donnchad Midi MacDomnaill King of Ireland, Charlemagne Roi des Francs de l'Empereur de l'Ouest, Eochaid IV Argyll King of Dalriada, Etromma ingen Indellaig Queen of Leinster, Fastrada, Reine des Francs, Oengus I King of the Picts, Oslac Thane of Isle Wight Butler of England, Louis I Roi des Francs.
691 Mosque Built at Jerusalem, 676 Cairo Built, c650 Beowulf Written, c650 Pyramid Built in Mexico, 642 Arabs Captured Alexandria, 637 Muslims Conquered Mespotamia, 635 Muslims Captured Damascus, 630 Mohammed Conquered Arabia, 626 Battle of Contantinople Slavs Persians Defeated, 622 Mohammad Started Islam, c600 Irish Monks Settled in Iceland.
Alpin I King of the Picts, Osred I King of Northumbria, Wihtred King of Kent, Nechtan II King of the Picts, Murchad macBran Mutt O'Dunlainge King of Leinster, Pybba King of Mercia, Osthryth Princess of Northumbria Queen of Mercia, Eochaid II of Argyll King of Dalriada, Thrain King of the Picts, Conall macFaelan O'Dunlainge King of Leinster, Cixillo Princess of the Visigoths, Recaswind King of the Visigoths, Mael Duin MacMael Fithrich, Emma Queen of Kent und Prinzessin von Austrasia, Spondana ingen Enfidaig Princess of Picts, Cacht ingen Cellaich, Charles Martel Duc des Francs Major Domus, Pepin II d'Heristal Herzog der Austrasia, Arnulf Saint Bishop von Metz, Anchises Bürgermeister von Austrasia, Egica King of the Visigoths.
508 Clovis Captured Paris as Frankish Capital, 520 St Benedict Founded Benedictine Order, 525 Huns Conquered India, 529 Justinian Code Promulgated, 537 Goths sacked Rome, 541 Black Plague in Mediterranean, 563 St Columba Arrived at Monastery on Iona, c560 Gildas Wrote 'De Excidio Britanniae'.
Brig ingen Eircc Queen of Ireland, Ethelric King of Bernicia and Northumbria, Raedwald King of East Anglia, Caribert I Roi de Paris, Eanfrith King of Bernicia,  Domhnall Ilchealgach MacMuirchertaig O'Naill King of Ireland, Aidan MacGabran of Argyll King of Dalriada, Wuffa King of East Anglia, Nechtan II King of the Picts, Conall I King of Dalriada, Ciniath King of the Picts, Charibert I König der Franc, Anna King of East Anglia, Eochaidh Buidhe MacAidan King of Dalriada, Duinseach ingen Duach Queen of Ireland, Ida Eoppasson King of Bernicia and Northumberland, Cissa King of Sussex.
476 End Western Roman Empire, 455 Rome Sacked by Vandals, 452 Italy Invaded by Attila the Hun, c450 Celts Migrated to Brittany, 444 St Patrick Selected Armagh Cathedral Site, c439 Romans Withdrew From Mauretanea Vandals Capture Carthage, 425 University in Constantinople, 410 Rome Left Britain, Rome Plundered, Jutes Angles Saxons Invaded England, Dal Riatan Kingdom in Scotland Established, 400 Huns, Vandals and Visigoths flooded Europe.
Clovis I König der Franc, Hengest König von Kent, Fergus Mor MacErc King of Dalriada,Caltram King of the Picts, Ceneu Ap Coel Hen Saint, Erc MacEochaid King of the Dal Riata, Tegid Ap Gwair Prince of Rheged, Dogfael Ap Cunedda Wledig Prince of Gwynedd, Cadwallon Lawhir Ap Einion Yrth King of Gwynedd, Dwywg Ap Llywarch Prince of Rheged, Ingenach Queen of Ireland, Einion Yrth ap Cunedda King of Gwynedd, Gabran MacDomangairt King of Dalriada, Prawst Queen of Gwynedd, Merovech König der Yssel Francs, Eoppa Esasson of the Angles King of Bernicia, Earca ingen Loairn Princess of Dalriada, Ingenach Queen of Ireland, Ingui of the Angles, Basina Köningen der Franc und Thuringia, Vortimer Fendigaid King of the Gwerthef, Noígillach Niall King of Ireland & Tara, Cadeyrn Fendigaid ap Gwrtheyrn King of Powys, Cadell Ddyrnllwg ap Cadeyrn King of Powys, Aella King of Sussex.
395 Theodosius decreed Roman Byzantine Empires split, Rome Parthia Persia split Armenia, 386 St Augustine Wrote 'City of God', Theodosius decreed Roman Christianity, 375 Drought Caused Asians to Migrate to Europe, 378 Mayan Kings Supreme, Nabatean city Petra Abandoned, 350 Huns in Persia, c350 Codex Sinaiticus Oldest Bible Written, Compass Invented by Chinese, c330 Chritianity Adopted by Rome, 325 Council of Nicaea Ended, 324 Rome Moved to Constantinople, 312 Constantine Won Battle of Milvian Bridge and Empire, c300 First Church at Chartres, c300 Picts and Celts Fish at Iceland.
Constantius II Imperator et Caesar Romae, Clodius König von Westphalia, Gwawl verch Coel Hen Queen of Gwynedd, Coel Hen Guotepauk King of Gododdin, Aurelius Ambrosius Dux of Britain, Witta der Jutefaser König von Sachsen, Tehvant King of the Catuvellauni, Cunedda Wledig Ap Eternus King of Gwynedd, Eternus Ap Padarn King of Gwynedd, Wecta der Jutefaser König von Sachsen, Padarn Beisrudd ap Tegid King of the Catuvellauni, Vitgils von Sachsen, Tegid King of the Catuvellauni, Stradwawl verch Gadeon Queen of Gododdin, Pharamond König von Westphalia, Magnus Clemens Maximus Imperator Caesar Occidus, Severa verch Macsen Queen of the Britons, Anawn Dynod ap Macsen King of Dyfed and Man, Constans I Flavius Julius Imperator et Caesar Augustus, Marcomir I Herzog der Ostfrancs und Konig Koln, Caesar Flavius Claudius Constantius Gallus, Julian Constantius, Caesar Romae, Genebad Herzog der Ostfranc, Marcomir I Herzog der Ostfranc, Konig Koln, Dagobert Herzog der Ostfranc, Severa verch Macsen Queen of the Britons.
c299 Mayan City Canceun, 284 Diocletion Persecuted Christians, 276 Prophet Mani Died, 274 Aurelian Decreed Cult 25 December Holiday, 266 Queen Zenobia Revolted in Palmyra, 260 Emperor Valerian Captured by Persia, 232 End Sassanid War with Rome, 224 Sassanids Ruled Persia, 226 Iranians Conquered Parthians, 212 Roman Citizenship for Free Men, c200 Polynesians Arrived in Hawaii, c200 Rome Made Glass,

Urbanus King of the Catuvellauni, Maximian Imperator Augustus Romae, Ritigern King of the Catuvellauni, Dardanian Eutropius ab Gordiani, Gratus King of the Catuvellauni, Iumetel King of the Catuvellauni, Docilis King of the Catuvellauni, Gaïus Flavius Valerius Constantius Chlorus Imperator Augustus, Clodius III König der Franc, Claudia Crispin Regina Romae, Maximianus Herculius Imperator Caesar, Favia Maxima Fausta Herculius Regina Romae, Marcus Aurelius Valerius Claudius Imperator Caesar Augustus, Hannibalianus Regulus Romae et Caesar Armeniae, Flavia Iulia Helene Bithyniae Saint Regina Romae, Bertherus König der Franc, Walter König der Franc, Dagobert I König der Franc, Clodomir V König der Westfranc, Fiachaidh V Sraibhthine King of Connaught and Ireland.

193 Septimus Severus Expanded Roman Empire to 50 Provinces, 184 Taoist Peasant Rebellion in China, 180 Smallpox in Rome, 168, Ptolemy Greek Astronomer Died, 166 Roman Envoy in China, 144 Catholic Church Evolved, 132 Jewish Revolted against Rome, 132 Hadrian Wall Completed, c120 Pantheon Built, c105 Paper Invented in China, c100 Peru Occupied by Nazca Culture, Pyramid of the Sun Completed at Teotihuacán in Mexico, 100 Moche civilization in Peru.
100 AD
Farabert, König der Franc, Oudecant King of the Catuvellauni, Eugen King of the Catuvellauni, Dubu King of the Catuvellauni, Amguerit King of the Catuvellauni, Anna Galeria Faustina Major Augusta Romae, Outigirn King of the Catuvellauni, Brictogenios King of the Catuvellauni, Eliud King of the Catuvellauni, Eugen King of the Catuvellauni, Lleurig Mawr ap Coel King of Ewyas, Emerita verch Coel Princess of Britain, Althildis verch Coel Princess of the Catuvellauni, Eurgen verch Meurig Princess of the Trinovantes, Clodimir IV Konig der Franc, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus Imperator et Caesar Romae, Commodus Augustus Imperator Augustus Romae, Domitia Lucilla, Sanno König der Franc, Hilderic König der Franc, Eurgen verch Meurig Princess of Trinovantes, Gall Gaodnu of Cymru King of Gall Gaedal.
80 Roman Colosseum Built, 79 Pompeii Buried, 75, Buddhism in China, 73 Masada, 70 Romans Burned Temple in Jerusalem, 67 St Paul Executed, 66 Christians Persecuted in Rome, 65 Jewish Revolt, 60 Queen Boudica of Iceni Burned London, 43 Romans Invaded Britain & King Caratacus Revolted, 40 St Saul on Road to Damascus, 39 Romans Failed to conquer Germany, 30 St Peter First Pope, c30 Jesus Christ Crucified, 9 Three Roman Legions Annhilated at Battle of Teutoburg Forest, c4 Christ Born at Bethlehem, c1 Anasazis in American south-west, c1 Lions Extinct in Europe, c1 City of 100,000 at Teotihuacán Mexico.
000 BC
Antoninus Pius Imperator Caesar Romae, Coilus King of Britain, Ptolemy King of Mauretania, Ratherius König der Franc, Ascyla der Franc, Odomar, König der Franc, Abellacos King of the Catuvellauni, Adminius King of the Catuvellauni, Cunobelinus King of the Catuvellauni, Caratacus King of the Silures, Ptolemy XV Caesarion Pharoah of Egypt, Canis Scapulatis King of the Catuvellauni, Guiderius King of the Catuvellauni, Octavianus Augustus Imperator Caesar, Lou Hen King of the Catuvellauni, Meurig ap Gwyrydd King of the Silures, Richemel I König der Franc, Antenor IV König der Westfranc, Clodomir III König der Franc, Volisios King of the Brigantes, Antenor IV König der Franc, Boudicca Queen of the Iceni, Cleopatra Selene Queen of Libya, Nero Claudius Drusus Augustus, Antonia Minor Augusta Romae, Marcus Antonius Imperator Triumvir Romae, Gaius Caesar Augustus Caligula, Odomar König der Franc, Marcomir IV König der Franc, Tuathal Techtmar King of Ireland.
c4 King Herod rebuilt Temple at Jerusalem, 8 Census showed 4.2m Romans, 30 Rome Gained Egypt Cleopatra & Antony Suicided, 31 Octavian Defeated Mark Antony at Actium, 47 Alexandria library Burnt, 49 Mauretania Roman Client, 49 Caesar Crossed Rubicon to Rome, 52 Caesar Conquored Gaul, 53 Roman Army Defeated by Parthia, 54 Romans Beat British Celts, 55 Caesar Invaded Britain, 63 Romans Occupied Palestine and Portugal, 66 Armenia Roman Tributary, 90 Etruscans Roman Citizens, c100 Camulodunum Established as Celtic Fortress, c100 Japan established, c100 Paracas culture ended in Peru.
100 BC
Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Romae, Marcomir III König der Franc, Cartimandua Queen of the Brigantes, Clodius König der Franc, Tasciovanus King of the Catuvellauni, Cassivelaunus ap Beli Mauwr King of the Britons and Catuvellauni, Francus König der Franc, Dumnocoveros King of the Brigantes, Llud ap Beli King of the Britons, Volisios King of the Brigantes, Athilda Princess of the Britons, Androgeus ap Llud Duke of Kent, Tenvantius ap Llud King of Britons Duke of Cornwall, Antharius König der Sicambri, Nero Claudius Drusus Imperator Dominator Gaulae, Androcomius Duke of the Catuvellauni, Tiberius Caesar Augustus et Pontifex Maximus, Germanicus Julius Caesar Claudius, Caius Julius Caesar Imperator et Dictator, Quintus Servilius Caepio, Julia Caesonia Regina Romae, Livia Drusilla Augusta Romae, Marcus Livius Drusus Tribunus Romae, Marcus Livius Drusus Claudianus.
101 Parisii at Paris, 119 Huns Invaded China, 130 Silk Road Opened Rome to China, 133 Spain Conquered by Rome, 141 Rome Conquered Macedonia, 146 Rome Destroyed Carthage, 164 Temple at Jerusalem Recaptured from Syria by Jewish Maccabees, c196 Rosetta Stone Inscribed, c200 Venus de Milo Sculpted, c200 Start of Teotihuacán in Mexico.
200 BC
Heli Mawr King of Siluria and the Britons, Caius Julius Caesar Praetor, Eudelen ap Afallach, Merodachus König der Sicambri, Digueillus King in Britain, Don Anna Verch Mathonwy Queen of the Britons, Cassander König der Sicambri, Clodomir II König der Sicambri, Antenor König der Sicambri, Capoir King in Britain, Manogan Prince of the Britons, Sextus Julius Caesar Consulus, Sextus Julius Caesar, Lucius Julius Caesar Consulus, Caius Julius Caesar Praetor, Pir King in Britain, Artaxias I General King of Greater Armenia, Tigranes II the Great King of Armenia, Mithridates VI the Great King of Pontus.
204 2nd Punic War, 206 Han Dynasty in China, 218 Carthage Expanded into Spain, 220 Great Wall of China Begun, 221 Qin Unified China, 222 Rome Battled Gauls at Milano, 265 Rome Completed Conquest of Italy, c275 Maya Established in Mexico, 282 Etruscan Peace with Rome, 285 Ptolemy II Pharoah of Egypt Built Famagusta Cyprus.
300 BC
Samuil King in Britain, Lucius Julius Caesar Praetor, Clodius I König der Sicambri, Marcomir König der Sicambri, Nicanor König der Sicambri, Rydon King in Britain, Clodomir I König der Sicambri, Bassanus Magnus König der Sicambri, Sedanus Prinzessin und Köningen der Sicambri, Bassanus Magnus König der Sicambri, Redechius King in Britain, Eidol King in Britain, Samos I King of Armenia, Ptolemy III Euergetes Pharaoh of Egypt, Ptolemy IV Philopater Pharaoh of Egypt.

307 Ptolemy Founded Library of Alexandria, 322 Independent Armenian Kingdom, 327 Alexander the Great Reached India, 330 Pytheas Sailed from Greece to Iceland, 335 Alexander Destroyed Thebes, 350 Scythian Kingdom in Steppes, 388 Plato founds first European university, 399 Trial & Execution of Socrates, c399-c450 The Pentateuch Edited.

400 BC
Diocles König der Sicambri, Helenus König der Sicambri, Antenor König der Cimmerians, Priamus König der Sicambri, Aroandes II Orontes King of Armenia, Mithranes I King of Armenia, Darius III Shah of Persia Pharaoh of Egypt, Artaxerxes III Ochus Shah of Persia, Artaxerxes IV Shah of Persia, Rhodogoune Princess of Persia, Atossa Queen of Persia, Apame Princess of Syria Queen of Cyrene, Antiochus I Soter Seleucus King of Syria, Spitamana Satrap of Bithniya, Roxana Princess of Bactria Queen of Greece, Barsine of Stateira.
400 End of Olmec Empire in Mesoamerica, 406 Sophocles died, 433 Parthanon Completed, 450 Celtic tribes in Italy, 460 Hippocrates born, 462 Pericles in Greece, 474 Etruscan Expansion Stopped, 480 Themistocles Defeated Persian Xerxes at Salamis, 490 Darius in Greece Battle of Marathon, 500 Zapotec Empire in Mexico, c500 Greek vowels in alphabet.
500 BC
Marcomir I König der Cimmerians, Cambra Köningen der Cimmerians, Antenor König der Cimmerians, Xerxes I Shah of Persia, Darius II Ochus Shah of Persia, Aroandes Orontes General Satrap of Armenia, Artaxerxes II Mnemon Shah of Persia, Artasyras Baron of Armenia, Parysatis Queen of Persia, Artaxerxes I Longimanus Shah of Persia, Pharnabaszus Satrap of Daskyleion, Artabazus Satrap of Bithniya, Pharnabazos I of Dascylium, Pharnaces of Dascylium,
c501 Confucius, 509 Roman republic, 513 Chinese Cast Iron, 515 Temple in Jerusalem, 518 Darius Founded Persepolis, 530 Pythagorus, 543 Indians in Ceylon, 586 Israel Enslaved by Nebuchadnezzar, 593 Ezekial.
600 BC
Pharnakes of Persepolis Prince of Anshan, Darius I the Great Shah of Persia, Psammetichus I Wahibre Pharaoh of Egypt, Chedebnitjerbone I Queen of Egypt, Apries Wahibre Pharaoh of Egypt, Cyrus II the Great Shah of Persia, Artabazos I of Dascylium, Pharnaces of Parthia, Mandane Princess of Media Queen of Persia.
612 Babylon Captured Assyrian Nineveh, Collapsed, 642 Arabs at Cairo, 690 Nubian pharaoh, c699 Tarquinia capital of Etruria, c699 Arabs Developed 'adobe' bricks.
700 BC
Cyrus I King of Persia, Ariaramnes King of Parthia , Teispes, King of Elam , Nebuchadnezzar II King of Babylon, Psammetichus I Wahibre Pharaoh of Egypt, Psammetichus II Pharaoh of Egypt, Ariyaramna King of Parthia, Cambyses I King of Persia King of Anshan.
722 Chinese feudal system Collapsed, 732 Assyria Captured Damascus, 753 Rome Founded, 776 Olympic Games in Greece, c799 Takalik Abaj Centre of Mayan economy.
800 BC
Achaimenes I King of Anshan, Sargon II King of Assyria, Nekau I Menkheperre Pharaoh of Egypt, Shepsesre Tefnakht II Pharaoh of Egyptian Sais, Bakenranef Wahkare Pharaoh of Egyptian Sais, Achaimenes II King of Elam.
c800 Climate Changed in Europe, 800 China Attacked by nomads, 814 Carthage Founded, 899 Mayas in Belize, c899 Etruscan cities start in Villanova Italy.
900 BC
Shoshenk High Priest of Ptah at Memphis, Usimare Setepenamun Shoshenq III Pharaoh of Egypt, Usermare Setepenamun Osorkon II Pharaoh of Egypt, Takelot II Hedjkheperre Pharaoh of Egypt.
900 Trade between Arabs & East Africa, 965 Solomon king of Israel, c999 Irrigation canals in Arizona, c999 Salt mine Hallstatt Austria.
1000 BC
Psusennes II Titkheprure Pharaoh of Egypt, Shoshenk II Heqakheperre Pharaoh of Egypt, Harsiese Hedjkhepere Setepenamun Pharaoh of Egypt.
1004 David king of Israel, 1050 Philistines invaded Israel, c1050 Stonehenge path to River Avon, 1080 Priests Rule Egypt, 1099 Phoenician alphabet used.
1100 BC
Hedjkheperre Setepenre Pharaoh of Egypt, Wiay Queen of Egypt, Menkheperre High Priest of Amun at Thebes, Masaharta High Priest of Amun at Thebes, Istemkheb, Princess of Egypt, Shoshenq of Libya Great Chief of Ma,
c1116 China Mandated alcohol, 1184 & 1179 Ramses III beat 'Sea Peoples', 1184 Greeks Captured Troy, 1199 Olmec built La Venta in Mexico, 1199 Andean Peru civilisation.
1200 BC
Ramses VII Meryamun Pharaoh of Egypt, Duatentopet Queen of Egypt, Nubkhesbed Queen of Egypt, Tentamon Prince of Egypt, Ramses IV Heqamare Pharaoh of Egypt, Isis Ta Habadjilat Queen of Egypt.
1225 Assyria Captured Babylon, c1250 Moses Israel & ten Commandments, 1274 Ramses II stopped the Hittite at Battle of Kadesh, c1300 Books in China.
1300 BC
Ma'athefrue Princess of the Hittites, Sethnakht Usirkha'ure Meryamun Pharaoh of Egypt, Seti II Setepenre Meryptah Pharaoh of Egypt, Nefertari Queen of Egypt, Meriatum High Priest of Heliopolis, Sethnakht Usirkha'ure Meryamun Pharaoh of Egypt, Ramses III Usirmare Meryamun Pharaoh of Egypt. Neb-neshi Great Chief of Ma,
1321 Pharaoh Horemheb Defeated Hittites, 1340 Bust of Nefertiti, 1345 Tutankhamen Born, 1350 First smallpox Recorded from Egypt, c1399 Chinese pictorial script, c1399 Rise of Mycenae, 1399 Olmecs in Mexico.
1400 BC
Ramses II Usirmare Setepenre Pharaoh of Egypt, Sitre Queen of Egypt, Seti of Egypt General, Hattushili II King of the Hittites, Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) Pharaoh of Egypt, Nefertiti Queen & Pharaoh of Egypt, Nebkheperure Tutankhamun Pharaoh of Egypt, Menmaatre Seti I Pharaoh of Egypt.
1400 Iron invented in Armenia, 1450 Hittites in Iraq Turkey, Palestine, 1479 Queen Hatshepsut in Egypt, 1483 Egypt Beat Syria at Battle Of Meggido, c1499 Corn in Mexico.
1500 BC
Tudhaliya I King of the Hittites, Kheperkheprure Ay Pharaoh of Egypt, Yuya of Akmin Master of the Horse, Thutmose IV Pharaoh of Egypt, Tiaa Queen of Egypt, Neferure, Princess of Egypt, Isis of Egypt, Concubine, Menkheperre Thutmose III, Pharaoh of Egypt.
c1500 Stonehenge Completed, 1540 Egypt Conquered Nubia, 1570 Beer Made in Egypt, 1595, Hittites captured Babylon.
1600 BC
Akheperkare Tuthmosis II, Pharaoh of Egypt, Makare Hatshepsut Queen and Pharaoh of Egypt, Thutmose I General & Pharaoh of Egypt, Amenhotep I Pharaoh of Egypt, Tao II Seqenenra Pharaoh of Egypt, Ahmose I Pharaoh of Egypt.
c1600 Mycenae civilization Began, c1650 Aryans Invaded Indus Valley, 1674 Hyksos Conquered Memphis Egypt with chariots.
1700 BC
Tetisheri Queen of Egypt, Senakhtenre Tao I Pharaoh of Egypt, Tjenna of Egypt, Intef VII Nebkheperre Pharaoh of Egypt, Sobekemsaf I Sekhemreshedtawy Pharaoh of Egypt,
c1700 Indian climate change causes migrations as far as Sweden, c1750 Hyksos invade Canaan and Egypt,
1800 BC
Neferhotep III Sekhemre Pharaoh of Egypt, Djehuti Sekhemresementawy Pharaoh of Egypt, Mentuhotep Queen of Egypt,
1800 Hammurabi builds Amorite empire and law code in Babylon.
1900 BC
Amenemhat III Pharaoh of Egypt, Sesotris III Khakaure Pharaoh of Egypt, Sobekneferu Princess Pharaoh of Egypt.
1900 Egypt reunited, c1950 Sumer is conquered by Amorites,
2000 BC
Amenemhat Sehetepibre Pharaoh Vizier of Egypt, Amenemhat II Nubkaure Pharaoh of Egypt, Senusret Priest of Egypt, Nefret of Nubia. Sesotris I Khakheperre Pharaoh of Egypt, Sesotris II Khakheperre Pharaoh of Egypt.
c2000 Migrations into Israel, c2050 Stonehenge building continued.
2100 BC
Mentuhotpe II Nebhepetre Pharaoh of Egypt, Mentuhotpe IV Pharaoh of Egypt.
2130 Drought & low Nile cause civil war & political chaos in Egypt, 2150 Sargon's empire in Akkad ends.
2200 BC
Mentuhotpe I Nomarch Pharaoh of Thebes, Inyotef I Sehertawy Pharaoh of Thebes, Intef III Nakjtnebtepnefer Pharaoh Upper Egypt.
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